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Gonzales Receives 25 Year Sentence
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The 25-year sentence of a Muleshoe resident for the manufacturing or delivery of a controlled substance of methamphetamine is a “fair” sentence, according to Dist. Attorney Kathryn Gurley, who along with local law enforcement officers have work to get a habitual criminal off the streets for several years.

On May 29, 2014, Bailey County deputies and Muleshoe Police Department officers served a search warrant at 1511 W. Ave. B, the residence of Raul “Rudy” Gonzales, Jr., 47, which at the time was described as the culmination of a two year investigation into Gonzales’ suspected drug activities.

A significant element of the arrest and subsequent charge was that the residence was located half a block from a daycare center and three blocks from Muleshoe’s West City Park, placing it in a “drug-free zone” that heightens the penalty under Texas law.

At the time of the raid, two individuals were present — Gonzales and Paula Griego, both of whom were in the garage at the back of the residence.

(Rudy” Gonzales Jr. 2014 booking photo.)

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Kindergarten Turkey Tips Offered
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Students in Joan Nix’s Kindergarten class have shared their mother’s secrets to a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

These prepatation tips are as follows:

My mom gets a turkey from Walmart and it weighs 15. She puts it in the oven with those things that protect your hands. She cooks it 15 hours. She looks in and it looks kinda brown. She takes it out and puts it on the table. We eat pumpkin pie and those white things. — Nilay

Mom goes to United and buys a turkey. Her cook it.Her cooks it in the microwave. Her cooks it 30 minutes. It is a little bit brown. Her puts nothing on it. My favorite is turkey. — Anjel

Mom buys a turkey at Walmart. She cooks it in the thingy that you open that cooks cakes. She cooks it 20 hot. Put on salt and pepper lemon and that’s all. Cook it one day. The oven beats when it is done. Eat it with butter and sugar and that is all. — Lori

Mom buys the turkey at Walmart. She cooks in the oven. She puts it in a pot. She pours chile on it. She cooks it in a 100 oven for 3 hours. The numbers tell her when it is done. — Jamir

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The Christmas Angel
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
(As it has done in previous years, the Muleshoe Journal will be running a serial Christmas story beginning this week and concluding in the Christmas issue. It is the hope of the newspaper staff that you will enjoy this year’s story and share it with your children and grandchildren.)

Part 1

The night wind was brisk as it blew across the meadow. Although not cold enough to make a coat necessary, there was a definite hint that it wouldn’t be too long before one was.

In the distance, a night bird sang out, joining its voice to the chirping of the field crickets. Then, as a small figure stepped from the trees lining the far side of the meadow, there was a cascade of silence. The crickets no longer chirped, the night bird held its tongue, even the wind seemed to fall away, silencing the murmur rustle of the leaves.

The small figure took another step into the meadow, glancing about hesitantly, detectable primarily by motion due to the shadows which still surrounded it. A third step brought it into the moonlight for the first time.

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Varsity Mules Advance To Region
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The Mules took the best the Breckenridge Buckaroos had to give for just over one half of football Friday night. But the Mules took advantage of four Buckaroo fumbles in the second half to win the Area Championship Friday night in Big Spring’s Memorial Stadium 31-20.

“It was hard tonight,” said Mule coach David Wood. “We did not have our best game and could have just hung it up when we got behind 20-8 to start the second half. But our kids just continued to fight and finally things began to go our way.”

“We felt like they were wearing down in the second half and that is unusual in the playoffs. Our running game began to gain yards and our defense just made stop and stop to keep them from scoring. Our defense then forced turnover after turnover that gave us opportunities to score.”

“Our kids have heart.”

(Buckaroo encounters a team of Mules — Tony Castillo, Antonio Vasquez, Jose Mendoza and Donavan Gutierrez, during Friday’s playoff game. Photograph by Gabby Perez)

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Freshmen Mules ‘Were Ready’ For Dimmitt’s Bobcats
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The freshmen Mules were ready when the Dimmitt Bobcats stepped off the bus Thursday afternoon to open the 2015-2016 basketball season.

Ean Hasley scored first for the Mules.

The Mules went on to shut out the Bobcats in the first period and defeated Dimmitt 48-9.

Luis Franco scored twice in the paint and Jacob DeLeon nailed a 3-pointer from the corner. Luke Del Toro scored from the baseline to end the first period with the Mules leading 11-0.

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Eight Grade Falls In Season Opener
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The eighth grade Mules slipped behind the Dimmitt Bobcats 13-3 in the opening period.

The Mules fell back even more in the next two periods but made up ground in the final quarter.

The Mules lost their season opener to Dimmitt 37-28.

The Bobcats opened the game with a five-point barrage before Eddie Vasquez scored on an inbounds play.

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Seventh Grade Mules Defeated By Dimmitt Bobcats
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Changing sports is more difficult than many fans may think.

The seventh grade Mules just completed an undefeated football season then worked out a few days before playing their first basketball game of the season.

The Mules appeared to still be in the process of removing their pads as they fell to the Dimmitt Bobcats 45-37.

Joe Gutierrez seemed to change his uniform a bit quicker than some of his teammates as he lead the Mules with 27 points.

Fourteen of those points were in the third period.

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Muleshoe Takes ‘Boys Of Fall’ Tourney
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
The Little Jefes of Muleshoe captured first place in the Boys of Fall Tournament held Nov. 21-22 in Slaton and at Lubbock - Roosevelt. Pictured above are the team members, from left to right: Standing — Noah Hernandez, Jordan Reyes, Matthew Espinoza, Davian Sital, Kiare Cleveland, Adrian Muniz and Monse Melendez; kneeling — Giovanni Barrera, Joel Barron, Layla Deleon and Louis Deleon and Jayden Agundis.

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Black Honored
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Cody and Aryn Black were honored with a baby shower on Nov. 1 in the home of Sherri Kennedy.

The hostesses included Rhonda Myers, Sherri Kennedy, Karie Preston, Keila Morris, Nancy Benham, Robin Friskup, Kay Lynn Brantley, Lisa Whalin, Lavon Hunt, Connie Taylor, Judy Steinbock, Jody Wood, Jo Ellen Cowart, Adena Johnson, Cindy Magby, Jan Lawrence, Rayniel Bamert and Cindy Barrett.

The hostess gift was a Britax Frontier car seat.

Special guests included Tina Calley, Theleca Wilson, Carren Black, Gladys Black, Corrie Ann Ingersoll, Marilyn Black, Julie Saylor, Edi Patterson and Vicki Black.

(Aryn Black)

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Ratliff Honored
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Jake and Kelsy Ratliff were honored with a baby shower in the home of Sherri Kennedy on Nov. 22.

Hostesses included Sheryl Morris, Linda Flores, Dawn Williams, Angel Hunt Carren Black, Rhonda Myers, Karie Preston, Jan Lawrence, Judy Steinbock, Madison Bamert, Ashley Turnbow, Lavon Hunt, Lisa Whalin, Jody Wood, Jo Ellen Cowart, Keila Morris, Sherri Kennedy, Carolyn Smyer, Kaci Morris, Haley Branscum, Jody Urbantke and Gina Wilkerson.

The hostess gifts were a Graco travel system and a Graco pack-n-play.

Special guests included Robin Friskup, Kaci Morris and Diann Rose.

(Kelsey Ratliff)

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