Seventh-grade Mules play Mustangs

By Delton Wilhite

The seventh-grade Mules wrapped up their first football season Thursday afternoon at Benny Douglas Stadium. The Shallowater Mustangs were the Mules final opponent of the season.
Shallowater jumped in front of the Mules 28-0 by the half, and the Mustangs added two more touchdowns in the second half to defeat the Mules 42-0.
The Mules took the opening kickoff and were driving down the field before fumbling the ball away near midfield. It only took the Mustangs to score with 2:49 left in the first period.
The Mustangs kicked off high and short. The ball took a big bounce back toward the onrushing Mustangs. Shallowater covered the ball on the Mule 45. Three plays later the Mustangs were in the Mule end zone.
Frankie Reyes made the tackle to stop the Shallowater 2-point conversion attempt. Shallowater led 14-0 with 1:24 left in the first quarter.
Judas Reyes returned the ensuing kickoff eleven yards to the Mule 41.
The Mustangs intercepted the Mules pass at the Shallowater 41. Two plays later the Mustangs scored on a 46-yard pass and run with no time left in the first period. Shallowater led 20-0 going into the second quarter.
The Mustangs again kicked off high and short, and Shallowater recovered at the Mule 40. Shallowater scored with 3:38 remaining in the first half. The Mustangs led the Mules 28-0 at the intermission.
The second half went much same as the first had for the Mules.
Mules kicked off, and F. Reyes made the tackle at the Shallowater 35. Four plays later the Mustangs broke loose for a 45-yard run to put the Mustangs up 36-0.
The Mustangs final score came on a five-yard run with 21 seconds left in the game.
The Mules will turn in their football equipment, and start working on their basketball skills.

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