Auditions determine 6th grade honor choir representatives

By Christy Barber
Choir Director

Sixth Grade Honor Choir is made up of beginning choir students from all the middle schools in TMEA Region 16 (Lubbock and surrounding areas).
The TMEA Region 16 choir directors get together in January and pick four songs that the students have to learn when school starts in the fall. The directors then hold auditions on their own campuses and can pick up to two students for each part for a total of four students to represent their school and choir program.
The TMEA Region 16 choir directors started this program several years ago to give beginning choir students the opportunity to sing with a select group of students before the actual All-Region process starts the next year. The 7th-8th grade All-Region Choir splits the singers into girls only (SSA) and boys only (TTB) choirs. They also have to learn four songs, but they have to go sing for five judges (middle school choir directors) at full region auditions in Lubbock.
Our 6th Grade Honor Choir representatives this year were Brenna Butler, Skylina Marquez, Tanya Mendoza and Jayci Nickels.

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