Student Community Action Club

The Meeting began with a prayer by Mr. Mardis and following that the 2017-18 officers were announced by Valentina Platas. (President – Mercy Manzanales, Vice President – Joely Melendez, Secretary/Treasurer – Brandy Valenzuela, Reporter/Historian – Valentina Platas, Chaplain – Valerie Toscano) They then went over how the students would be able to be contacted via a Snapchat group chat, Messenger, etc. The students present also voted on whether they should pay a five-dollar entry fee, whether SCAC shirts should be created, and whether they should continue participating in Volunteer Lubbock, in order to add to the SCAC’s current money balance of $264.61.
All members were furthermore informed of SCAC’s Facebook page which is ‘Muleshoe SCAC’ and were made aware of the volunteer opportunity, ‘Snack Pak 4 Kids’ at Dillman Elementary, which helps feed children with nutritious snacks.
The Spring Fundraiser was mentioned and has traditionally, in the past, been a Bake Sale. Following that discussion, a few suggestions on how SCAC could participate in the Bailey County Community were brought up and included, visiting the town’s Nursing Home and presenting a Powerpoint, over both the Heritage Center’s history and the SCAC History, during Western Day at Dillman Elementary.

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