Hospital District votes to improve outside lighting at Park View

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

The regular meeting of the Muleshoe Area Hospital District was held on Thursday, Nov. 30.
Those attending were: board members Allen Smyer, Landon Nichols (via telephone), Dana Rasco and Zona Gatewood; employees Dennis Fleenor, Jodi Vidana, Shonnee Geissler and Joan
Grimsley of Muleshoe Area Medical Center, and Phyllis Carson of Park View Nursing Care
Center; community members Andy Freeman and Jared Chanski of Preferred Management;
Jennifer Rose of Diakonos.
Minutes of the previous meetings were approved.
All presented banking resolutions were approved with the appropriate revisions.
The board voted to contribute to the Park View Nursing Care Center employee Christmas party.
The board voted to improve the outside lighting at Park View Nursing Care Center with wall
pack lights.
The board voted to receive bids from local companies for the district insurance.
Payroll services for Park View was tabled until the next board meeting.

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