July 3, 2020
  • 3:57 pm Making Muleshoe
  • 3:52 pm 1st coronavirus death reported in Bailey County
  • 3:44 pm Parade canceled; food vendors, fireworks still on
  • 3:43 pm Letter to the Editor
  • 3:41 pm St. Clair name prominent in town

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Muleshoe Independent Board of Trustees held their regular meeting Monday, Nov. 11. In addition to the board and Superintendent Dr. R.L. Richards, the meeting was attended by Coach David Wood and the 2017 Muleshoe Mules football team, Watson Junior High Principal Melvin Nusser and Savannah Box.
Each 2017 Muleshoe Mule received a certificate of recognition and a hearty handshake of congratulations from the school board.
The board discussed and reviewed the new Muleshoe ISD app. Assistant Superintendent of Muleshoe Schools Dani Heathington, said, “We encourage all of our parents and patrons to get on the app store and download the new Muleshoe ISD app. It has a great deal of information about our students and the school. The cafeteria menus on the app make a great time saver for our parents.”
Nusser discussed the new lunch check-in procedure for the junior high students.
“As technology advances, we want to encourage our students to learn future skills, needed for life. Junior high students will be encouraged to bring their identification cards and swipe them for the cafeteria. We use this process at the library to check out books, and it also allows students to get into the Muleshoe home basketball games free.”
The District Forum, composed of staff members and patrons headed by Heathington, will bring a 2018-19 school calendar to recommend to the board in the February meeting. The board agreed to set some parameters for the 2017-18 calendar:
n No school on Labor Day nor Memorial Day
n No school on Bailey County Stock Show Day
n Attempt to have two weeks and three weekends for Christmas break
n Attempt to have the first week of school begin on Tuesday or Wednesday.
The board held the final reading on Update 109.
“It has taken three months for the board to review the voluminous new board policies sent from the Texas Association of School Boards,” Richards said. “These policy changes are a direct reflection of the last Texas Legislative Biennium. Each school board member and administrator took sections of the new policies and presented them during the last three meetings.”
ESPN sports television channel were planning to come Monday, Dec. 18, to take videos of Muleshoe School and the city of Muleshoe as part of a piece on Lincoln Riley, head coach at Oklahoma State University and former Muleshoe Mule.
In other action:
n Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.
n Enrollment was reported to be steady and increasing.
n Texas Education Agency A-F was discussed. TEA is planning to grade school districts and campuses A-F in the near future. At present the process is not clear, but the agency is continuing to refine the process.
n The board approved Randy Fields’ contract to provide the school audit for the next several years.
n The board reviewed the superintendent’s self-evaluation and is now rating the superintendent to determine areas of strength and improvement.
n The board reviewed their own self-evaluation as well as their continuing education training hours.

Rhea Gonzales


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