March 7, 2021
  • 7:33 pm Several injuries reported after bus crash in Bailey County
  • 10:21 am Obituary: Ricky Dale Rasco
  • 5:13 pm Obituary: Benjamin Nelson Brock
  • 7:55 pm First bank & Trust completes Aimbank merger
  • 7:50 pm Texas Farm Bureau honors late farmer

To whom it may concern,
There is a statute on the law of books of the state of Texas which states that on any two-lane road in any state of Texas that all vehicles must stop for a school bus which is displaying its flashing red lights which are located on both the front of the bus and also the rear of the bus. Apparently there are some drivers in and around Muleshoe who are wither unaware of this law, or really just do not care if said law is on the books.
If the penalty for running the flashing red lights on a school bus were increased to whomever does said deed would lose his/her license for a year, pay a fine of $2,500, and be required to take a refresher course on the proper way to operate a vehicle (at their expense) on the highways of Texas, then perhaps the number of illegal bus passings would be dramatically reduced.
I drive a school bus for Muleshoe Independent School District and eight times this year alone my school bus has been passed by vehicles while the bus was flashing its red stop lights, which is a signal that student(s) are about to exit the bus and go to their homes. Sometimes this means that these student(s) must cross the roadway in order for them to reach their designated drop-off points.
The eight passings I just mentioned have occurred on the stretch of state highway 214 just north of the city limits of Muleshoe. In that section just mentioned, I have eight students who regularly exit my bus at three different drop-off locations.
Fortunately, none of these students has been hit by an oncoming vehicle yet, but what will it take for the motoring public to finally wake up to the fact that the lives of young students are being severely jeopardized by carless actions of some vehicle drivers?
The list of transgressors includes drivers of automobiles, pickup trucks, and semi-trailers.
In addition to the aforementioned illegal bus passings, I have had several complaints from other school bus drivers who drive for the Muleshoe Independent School District about other drivers illegally passing their school buses while the red flashing bus lights were in operation.
These last drop-off locates are located south of Muleshoe state highway 214, numerous county roads, and yes, even on some of the dirt roads located at various places around the city of Muleshoe.
Isn’t it about time for the motoring public to wake up to the fact that students’ lives and future are at stake, as well as the welfare and well-being of the families of these bus riding school students?
It probably only be a matter of time before student is either killed or seriously injured by the reckless and thoughtless actions of one or more of these drivers who choose to ignore what is paramount for the safety of our school children.
A fact that perhaps not many people know, is that all vehicles, even emergency vehicles(be they police, ambulance, or fire trucks) are required to honor the red flashing lights of a stopped school bus by stopping and only proceeding after the red flashing school bus lights have been turned off.
Wake up, drivers!!! If you wish to continue driving on the roads of Texas, then obey the laws as they are very clearly written.
The end result, if you will do this, is to ensure the safety of all our children.
Thank you for your time in reading this and to all of those drivers who do obey the law which states that you must stop for a school bus when its flashing red lights stop , keep your diligence. The life you save may be your child.
David Gray

Rhea Gonzales


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