December 6, 2022
  • 2:32 pm Wellington knocks Sudan out of playoffs
  • 2:31 pm Virtual AgriLife Crop Production and Protection Seminar set for December
  • 2:30 pm Bailey County elects new officer team
  • 2:27 pm FSA accepting offers for state acres for wildlife enhancement intiatives
  • 2:26 pm Thanksgiving is the Forgotten Holiday

Junior Barrow Show
Grand Champion- Haleigh Kennemer
Reserve Champion- Jacob Kettner
Junior Showmanship-Kyle Kettner
Senior Showmanship- Coleman Preston
Overall Showmanship- Coleman Preston

Class 1-
1st Place- Jacob Kettner, Berk Breed; 185lbs
2nd Place- Jacob DeLeon, Berk Breed; 264lbs
3rd Place- Riley Kettner, Berk Breed; 150lbs
Class 2-
1st- Place- Jacob DeLeon, Black OPB; 180lbs
2nd Place- Riley Kettner, Black OPB; 157lbs
3rd Place- Jacob Kettner, Black OPB; 157lbs
Class 3-
1st Place- Jacob Kettner, Black OPB; 192lbs
2nd Place- Braylee Thomason, Black OPB;246lbs
3rd Place- Nathan Wilton, Black OPB;196lbs
Class 4-
1st Place- Noah DeLeon, Duroc; 218lbs
2nd Place- Kyle Kettner, Duroc; 204lbs
3rd Place- Colby Daniel, Duroc; 215lbs
4th Place- Nathan Wilton, Duroc; 229lbs
5th Place- Braylee Thomason, Duroc; 189lbs
6th Place- Mackenzie Thomason, Duroc; 155lbs
Class 5-
1st Place-Clayton Nichols, Duroc; 243lbs
2nd Place-Ethan Whitworth, Duroc; 250lbs
3rd Place-Keely Dunham, Duroc; 278lbs
4th Place-Tatum Hasley, Duroc; 240lbs
5th Place-Colby Daniel, Duroc; 240lbs
Class 6-
1st Place- Matthew DeLeon, Hamp;183lbs
2nd Place- Ethan Whitworth, Hamp; 207lbs
3rd Place-Kyle Kettner, Hamp; 190lbs
4th Place- Haleigh Kennemer, Hamp; 206lbs
5th Place- Keely Dunham, Hamp; 188lbs
Class 7-
1st Place- Clayton Nichols, White OPB; 201lbs
2nd Place- Mackenzie Thomason, White OPB; 255lbs
3rd Place- Tatum Hasley, White OPB; 212lbs

Class 8
1st Place- Liam Arnold; Yorkshire; 208lbs
2nd Place- Ean Hasley, Yorkshire; 243lbs
3rd Place- Braylee Thomason, Yorkshire; 236lbs
Class 9-
1st Place- Noah DeLeon, Cross; 184lbs
2nd Place- Jacob DeLeon, Cross; 169lbs
3rd Place- Matthew DeLeon, Cross; 184lbs
4th Place- Kyle Kettner, Cross; 175lbs
5th Place- Colby Daniel, Cross; 175lbs
6th Place- Riley Kettner, Cross; 182lbs
Class 10-
1st Place- Kutter Thomas, Cross; 204lbs
2nd Place- Jacob Kettner, Cross; 203lbs
3rd Place- Ean Hasley, Cross; 200lbs
4th Place- Clayton Nichols, Cross; 189lbs
Class 11-
1st Place- Haleigh Kennemer, Cross; 219lbs
2nd Place- Coleman Preston, Cross; 231lbs
3rd Place- Coleman Preston, Cross; 252lbs
4th Place-Kutter Thomas, Cross; 215lbs
5th Place- Makenzie Thomason, Cross; 240lbs

Junior Dairy Heifer Show
Grand Champion- Jaxson Burrus
Grand Reserve- Hayden Burrus
Junior Showmanship- Kassie Kelley
Senior Showmanship- Katelyn Kelley
Overall Showmanship-Kassie Kelley

Class 1-
1st Place- Jaxson Burrus 9/9/2017
2nd Place- Hayden Burrus 9/7/2017
Class 2-
1st Place- Hayden Burrus 6/30/17

2nd Place- Jaxson Burrus 6/6/2017
Class 3-
1st Place- Katelyn Kelley 3/20/17
2nd Place- Kendra Kelley 3/7/17
3rd Place- Abi Jones 3/28/17
Class 4-
1st Place- Katelyn Kelley 8/2/16
2nd Place- Kassie Kelley 7/29/16
Class 5-
1st Place- Jaxson Burrus 9/4/16
Class 6-
1st Place- Hayden Burrus 3/8/16
2nd Place- Abi Jones 4/13/16

Junior Steer Show
Grand Champion- Haley Hunt
Reserve Grand Champion- Haley Hunt
Junior Showmanship- Maci Jo Stearmer
Senior Showmanship- Haley Hunt
Overall Showmanship- Haley Hunt

Class 1 Heifers-
1st Place- Kenadee Ramage, Cross-Red; 830lbs
2nd Place- Clayton Nichols, Cross-Black; 1228lbs
Class 1 Steers-
1st Place- Keely Dunham, American; 1275lbs
2nd Place- Jow Waggoner, American; 1390lbs
3rd Place- Keely Dunham, American; 1086lbs
Class 2-
1st Place- Rowdy Ramage, British; 1030lbs
2nd Place- Marki Stearmer, British; 1082lbs
3rd Place- Kenadee Ramage, British; 1122lbs
Class 3-
1st Place- Rowdy Ramage, British; 1230lbs
2nd Place- Haleigh Kennemer, British; 1400lbs
Class 4-
1st Place- Rowdy Ramage, Cross; 1204lbst
2nd Place- Kenadee Ramage, Cross; 1184lbs
3rd Place- Maci Jo Stearmer, Cross; 1098lbs

4th Place- Coleman Preston, Cross;1040lbs
5th Place- Haleigh Kennemer, Cross; 1206lbs
Class 5-
1st Place- Marki Stearmer, Cross; 1240lbs
2nd Place- Haleigh Kennemer, Cross; 1226lbs
3rd Place- Haley Hunt, Cross; 1226lbs
Class 6-
1st Place- Haley Hunt, Cross; 1285lbs
2nd Place- Haley Hunt, Cross;1355lbs
3rd Place- Joe Waggoner, Cross; 1280lbs
4th Place- Joe Waggoner, Cross; 1325lbs
Junior Goat Show
Grand Champion- Cassidy Cage
Reserve Grand Champion- Cassidy Cage
Junior Showmanship- Kinley Coker
Senior Showmanship- Cassidy Cage
Overall Showmanship- Cassidy Cage
Class 1-
1st Place- Cord Coker, Market; 73lbs
2nd Place- Jose Quintana, Market; 71lbs
3rd Place- Jose Quintana, Market; 62lbs
Class 2-
1st Place- Cassidy Cage, Market; 79lbs
2nd Place- Kinley Coker, Market; 85lbs
3rd Place- Clayton Nichols, Market; 81lbs
Class 3-
1st Place- Cassidy Cage-; Market; 88lbs
2nd Place- Braylee Thomason, Market; 100lbs
3rd Place- Mackenzie Thomason, Market; 89lbs

Junior Lamb & Sheep Show
Grand Champion- Kaitlynn Hart
Grand Reserve Champion- Payton Hart
Junior Showmanship- Payton Hart
Senior Showmanship- Kaitlynn Hart
Overall Showmanship- Kaitlynn Hart

Class 1-
1st Place- Payton Hart, Fine Wool; 139lbs
Class 2-
1st Place- Payton Hart, South Down; 137lbs
Class 3-
1st Place- Kaitlynn Hart, Fine Wool-Cross; 144lbs
Class 4-
1st Place- Keinin Gardner, Med Wool; 115lbs

2nd Place- Dok Gardner, Med Wool; 104lbs
3rd Place- Keinin Gardner, Med Wool; 100lbs
Class 5-
1st Place- Dok Gardner, Med Wool; 125lbs
2nd Place- Dok Gardner, Med Wool; 119lbs
3rd Place- Keinin Gardner, Med Wool; 131lbs
Class 6-
1st Place- Kaitlynn Hart, Med Wool; 166lbs
2nd Place- Payton Hart, Med Wool; 155lbs
3rd Place- Kaitlynn Hart, Med Wool; 164lbs
Junior Rabbit Show
Grand Champion- Mark Espinoza
Reserve Champion- Camilo Espinoza

Class 1-
1st Place- Camilo Espinoza, Market; 3.32lbs
2nd Place- Andrew Espinoza, Market; 3.205lbs
3rd Place- Camilo Espinoza, Market; 3.295lbs
Class 2-
1st Place- Mark Espinoza; Market; 4.63lbs
2nd Place- Andrew Espinoza, Market; 3.72lbs
3rd Place- Mark Espinoza, Market; 4.05lbs
4th Place- Samuel Espinoza, Market; 3.745lbs

Rhea Gonzales


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