November 29, 2023
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By Muleshoe ISD

After a lengthy and thorough process of selecting the best candidate, on Monday, Jan. 22, the Muleshoe ISD Board of Trustees named Lee Walker as the new athletic director/head football coach for the Mules.
Muleshoe selected Walker from a list of more than 90 applicants to lead the Mules and to develop a smooth transition with long-time legend Coach David Wood. Walker was selected due to his maturity, personal character and love for developing a total program for Muleshoe. His football prowess is great, but his ability to organize and keep the total athletic Muleshoe program on course was the tipping point in the decision.
Coach Lee Walker is presently the defensive coordinator for the Plainview Bulldogs and has made stops at Midland and Hereford during his 26 years of experience.
Plainview Athletic Director Ryan Rhoades says of Walker, “It has been an honor and privilege to work with new Muleshoe coach Lee Walker. Coach Walker is an excellent technical football coach in regard to drill and scheme, but an even better man. He has been associated with both established programs and programs which needed to be reestablished and excelled in both roles. He has been both a tireless worker and loyal friend in all the years I have been blessed to work with him. Muleshoe will soon discover how lucky they are to have a man who is driven to win but is even more driven to impact athletes’ lives for a lifetime.”
Muleshoe is banking on Walker’s great versatility and strong sense of developing a total athletic program to lead the next decade for the Mules.
Muleshoe veteran Coach David Wood indicates the transition between Walker and Wood will be very smooth. “All you have to do is look at his resume and see that he has been in some great programs. Coach Walker brings a lot to the plate, and I feel like the kids will jump head first with him.”
Walker possesses the skills to lead the Mules in the future.
After the Muleshoe Board voted to approve Walker, he immediately met with the Muleshoe coaching staff and student athletes.
Walker is excited about his appointment to the head position in Muleshoe.
“Muleshoe has always been one of the programs that lead the pack. The discipline, character, and development of great student athletes has been intriguing. I am anxious to transition with Coach Wood and keep the Mules as one of the annual contenders in Class AAA District 1.”

Rhea Gonzales


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