July 9, 2020
  • 1:54 pm Willingham Southwest Cotton Gin
  • 1:51 pm Coronavirus curtails contact, but Muleshoe pride shines through
  • 1:50 pm Texans now required to wear face masks in public — but not in Bailey County
  • 1:40 pm The fourth of July that almost wasn’t
  • 11:00 am I guess the turtle was right

Bailey County EMS in conjunction with Muleshoe PD, Muleshoe Area Medical Center and the Bailey County Sheriff’s office will be having a mock disaster drill at the Bailey County Courthouse on Saturday March the 10th beginning at 8am lasting approximately 2 hours. Drills such as these allow the public safety entities in Bailey County to practice the skills that may be necessary in the event of a real emergency to protect the citizens of Bailey County. Any questions please feel free to call EMS Director Kevin Baize or Assistant Director Bill Baca at (806) 272-4390.


Rhea Gonzales


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