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Muleshoe — Parents with children and adolescents enrolled in Medicaid and CHIPS can help to keep their family healthy through active participation in the Texas Health Steps program. Texas Health Steps or “Health Steps” offers routine checkups for children from birth to age 20, and pays for all costs.

“Health and wellness exams focus on prevention and early diagnosis,” said Christy Lee, FNP-BC. “Regular checkups help to keep our kids healthy,” she continued, “and can also help find health problems before they get worse and harder to treat.”

The frequency and components of recommended Health Steps checkups vary by age, with more frequent visits encouraged in the first year of life. Beginning at age three, children and adolescents should be scheduled for an annual checkup.

Although exams vary based on a child’s specific age, they include all medical screenings, vaccinations and laboratory tests recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“We typically assess vision, hearing, height and weight, nutrition, immunizations and overall development,” explained Lee. “These factors are not only reflective of your child’s health status, but can also impact your child’s performance in school, and during casual and organized play and sports.”

Medical Clinic of Muleshoe – 806/272-7544 – is your local Texas Health Steps providers beginning with children age 2 months and older. Call us to schedule your child’s next Texas Health Steps or CHIPS checkup.

The Texas Health Steps program provides for routine checkups for children and adolescents. Medical Clinic of Muleshoe is your local Health Steps provider.


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