July 2, 2020
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By Derek Lopez- Sudan Varsity Track
The Sudan varsity track teams competed at the Plains Evertt McAdams Relays on Thursday, March 8th at Plains High School.

Both the Boys and the girls’ teams took second place overall with team scores of 130 points and 182.5 points.

Individual results
are as follows:

Boys High Jump

2nd Chris Schovajsa, 5-02.00

Boys Long Jump

1st Ethan Pendergrass, 17-10.00

4th Schovajsa, 16-11.508

8th Miguel Melendez,15-02.75

Boys Pole Vault

2nd Bode Box, 11-00.00

Boys Triple Jump

1st Pendergrass, 38-11.00

4th Melendez, 34-07.75

6th Ruben Rodriguez, 32-02.00

Boys Discus

3rd Isaiah Montes, 111-08

Boys Shot Put

3rd Isaiah Montes, 36-08.50

5th Alex Conley, 31-07.00

Boys 100-meter dash

1st Austin Conley, 11.53

5th Alex Conley, 12.85

7th Abel Tinajero, 12.93

Boys 200-meter dash

1st Pendergrass, 23.87

2nd Rodriguez, 24.55

4th Melendez, 25.15

Boys 800-meter run

4th Evan Bellar, 2:28.27

Boys 1,600-meter run

5th Bellar, 5:45.59

Boys 110-meter hurdles

1st Schovajsa, 16.21

2nd Bode Box, 17.10

Boys 300-meter hurdles

1st Schovajsa, 43.58

2nd Box, 46.90

Boys 4×100-meter relay

2nd Schovajsa, Melendez, Christian Montes and Austin Conley, 46.02

Boys 4×200-meter relay

2nd Christian Montes, Pendergrass, Rodriguez and Austin Conley, 1:36.89

Boys 4×400-meter relay

2nd Melendez, Rodriguez, Christian Montes and Pendergrass, 3:50.69.

Girls High Jump

1st Lauren Johnson, 4-06.00

2nd Kamryn Goen, 4-04.00

Girls Long Jump

3rd Lexi Bartley, 13-08.25

4th Zoey Cantu, 12-07.25

Girls Triple Jump

4th Morgan Smith, 27-06.75

5th Cantu, 26-10.00

Girls Discus

4th Danielle Davila, 58-02

5th Reagan Larson, 43-02

Girls Shot Put

1st Hannah Miller, 31-02.00

6th Larson, 23-01.25

Girls 100-meter dash

4th Cantu, 14.46

Girls 200-meter dash

6th Goen, 31.35

7th Cantu, 31.98

9th Mildred Medrano, 35.41

Girls 400-meter dash

5th Johnson 1:14.80

7th Yazmene Montes, 1:16.44

9th Smith, 1:20.50

Girls 800-meter run

5th Brianna Wallace, 3:07.14

Girls 1,600-meter run

2nd Argumedo, 6:58.61

4th Wallace, 7:21.55

Girls 3,200-meter run

3rd Zuleima Argumedo, 16:13.19

Girls 100-meter hurdles

1st Bartley, 19.25

3rd Davila, 21.63

4th Smith, 21.76

Girls 4×100-meter relay

2nd Davila, Yahaira Martinez, Goen and McKayla Baker, 56.12

Girls 4×400-meter relay

2nd Yazmene Montes, Johnson, Smith and Martinez, 5:14.16

The Sudan varsity track teams will be competing next at Farwell on March 23rd.

Sudan JV Track

The Sudan boys’ JV track team placed first at the Plains Evertt McAdams relays on Thursday with 214 points.

Individual results are as follows:

Boys High Jump

2nd Joe Limon, 5-04.00

Boys Pole Vault

1st Lane Wilson, 8-00.00

2nd Tracen Angeley, J8-00.00

Boys Long Jump

1st Isaac Gonzales, 16-09.75

3rd Rustin Penrod, 14-09.50

7th Beto Mendoza, 13-10.75

Boys Triple Jump

1st Gonzales, 36-00.00

2nd Limon, 33-01.50

5th Josh Leal, 30-07.25

Boys Discus

2nd BJ Davila, 82-03.50

3rd Justin Brown, 76-08

7th Callen Cannon 66-09.50

Boys Shot Put

2nd Adrian Sital, 30-09.00

4th Damon Boyd, 28-11.75

Boys 100-meter dash

1st Cannon, 12.41

2nd Penrod, 12.82

7th Davila, 13.73

Boys 200-meter dash

1st Limon, 25.82

3rd Cannon, 26.87

4th Penrod, 27.36

Boys 400-meter dash

3rd Jesus Nunez, 1:04.50

5th Triston Fred, 1:16.45

Boys 800-meter run

3rd Aaron Harper, 2:31.03

Boys 1,600-meter run

3rd Harper, 5:57.52

Boys 110-meter hurdles

1st Wilson, 18.95

2nd Tracen Angeley, 19.11

Boys 4×100-meter relay

2nd Cannon, Limon, Mendoza and Gonzales, 48.53

Boys 4×400-meter relay

2nd Mendoza, Alec Stephens, Limon and Gonzales, 4:00.92

The Sudan boys’ JV track team will be competing next at Farwell on March 23rd.

Sudan J/H Track

The Sudan track teams competed in their first meet of the season this past weekend at the Roughneck Relays in Sundown.

The boys team finished eighth overall with 36 points, while the girls finished sixth overall with 16 points.

The individual results are as follows:

8th grade boys 100-meter dash

19th Eric Munoz, 15.11

24th Isaac Montes, 17.28

7th grade boys 100-meter dash

8th Jose Madrid, 14.83

24th Truett Kerby, 17.38

25th Kolby Spurrell, 19.91

8th grade boys 200-meter dash

24th Raul Olvera, 38.18

25th Elliot Scheffel, 40.50

7th grade boys 200-meter run

4th Josue Cevera, 30.33

6th James Gutierrez, 31.12

8th Jose Madrid, 31.57

8th grade boys 400-meter dash

12th Anthony Rodriguez, 1:10.85

7th grade boys 400-meter dash

5th Nick Gonzales, 1:12.22

9th Cash Hardin, 1:19.42

11th Dell Smith, 1:20.42

8th grade boys 110-meter hurdles

3rd Isaiah Cisneros, 19.74

9th Jordan Bellar, 22.75

7th grade boys 110-meter hurdles

4th Drew Carr, 21.99

8th grade boys 300-meter hurdles

1st Isaiah Cisneros, 48.06

10th Bellar, 58.32

7th grade boys 300-meter hurdles

4th Timothy Locke, 56.46

5th Carr, 57.19

11th Hunter Penrod, 1:04.39

8th grade boys 4×100-meter relay

6th Gabriel Cisneros, Abram Rodriguez, Elijah Ogden and Isaiah Cisneros, 54.16

7th grade boys 4×100-meter relay

6th Cevera, Carr, Locke and Gonzales, 57.98

8th grade boys 4×400-meter relay

8th Edgar Delgado, Anthony Rodriguez, Michael Limon and Jordie Bellar, 4:50.15

7th grade boys 4×400-meter relay

4th Cevera, Locke, Penrod and Gonzales, 4:55.25

8th grade boys Shot Put

4th Rodriguez, 33-00.50

8th grade boys Discus

6th Rodriguez, 83-02.50

7th Gabriel Cisneros, 75-09

7th grade boys Discus

5th Jose Madrid, 67-03

8th grade boys High Jump

3rd Isaiah Cisneros, 4-10.00

7th grade boys High Jump

T-7th Josue Cevera, 4-02.00

8th grade boys Long Jump

2nd Isaiah Cisneros, 15-08.25

15th Edgar Delgado, 11-04.50

7th grade boys long jump

10th Gonzales, 12-07.00

13th Carr, 11-08.25

15th Cevera, 11-00.00

8th grade boys Triple Jump

9th Rodriguez, 29-02.50

11th Limon, 28-03.00

8th grade girls 100-meter dash

4th Heidi Pinon, 15.28

22nd Traylin Locke, 17.75

23rd Riley Jennings, 17.83

7th grade girls 100-meter dash

17th Brianna Sanchez, 17.10

18th Lexie Dugan, 17.25

25th Landree Gonzales, 19.14

8th grade girls 200-meter dash

6th Ally Baker, 32.80

10th Kimberlee Wallace, 34.00

14th Alejandra Gutierrez, 34.91

7th grade girls 200-meter dash

4th Gracyn Shultz, 31.62

5th Elaine Martinez, 31.98

20th Jaron Box, 37.30

8th grade girls 400-meter dash

3rd Hailey Flores, 1:11.97

12th Angelica Mendez, 1:22.83

15th Kara Pierce, 1:27.68

8th grade girls Shot Put

8th Reagan Larson, 21-02.50

9th Mildred Medrano, 19-08.50

8th grade girls Discus

8th Larson, 42-06

Girls Long Jump

4th Cantu, 12-00.50

Girls Triple Jump

7th Cantu, 27-03.50

The JV teams will be competing at the Wrangler Relays at Plains High School on Thursday, as their season rolls forward.

Sudan All District Honors

The Sudan Nettes’ varsity basketball team was well represented on the District 3-2A All-District teams.

Sophomore, Payton Tolbert headlines the list, as she garnered the district’s Defensive Player of the Year honors.

Seniors, Hannah Miller, Lexi Bartley and Delanie Black earned First-team All-District selections, while Kaegan Edwards earned All-Defensive Team honors.

The Nettes also have severall players and managers earn Academic All-District honors: Black, Edwards, Tolbert, Bartley, Emma Herrera, Brianna Wallace, Kamryn Goen, Callan Netherland, manager Sydnie Brantley, manager Madi Jennings and manager Faith Jennings.

On the boys’ side, sophomore, Christian Montes, earned All-Defensive Team honors, while Ruben Rodriguez earned Academic All-District honors.

Sudan Golf

The Sudan golf teams competed at Farwell last week with the girls’ team taking first place and the boys finishing in a close second behind the host team Farwell and .

The girls’ team finished with an overall score of 587, while the boys’ team finished with a team score of 377.

On the girls’ side, Garyn Bigham        finished sixth overall with a score of 106, while Tucker Howell finished seventh overall, shooting a score of 108 and Lauren Johnson     finished 10th overall with a score of 112.

Kamryn Goen shot a score of 121 and Brianna Wallace shot a score of 140 in their first tournament of the year.

On the boys’ side, Call Morris shot an 86 and finished in a tie for third, but lost the scorecard playoff.

Trenton Angeley shot a 97, while Bode Box came in with a score of 99 and Tracen Angeley completed the team score with a 103.

Josh Leal played his first tournament and shot a 116.Once the teams return from spring break, the golfers will compete at Canyon with the boys playing on Monday, March 19th and the girls playing on Tuesday, March 20th.


Rhea Gonzales


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