May 28, 2024
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Muleshoe Art Association met on Tuesday, March 13, for their monthly meeting at the Muleshoe Public Library meeting room. President Martha Hunnicutt called the meeting to order with the roll call and her report on items relating to the spring art show, which included information about the new brochures, entry forms, entry labels, and the six categories the artwork will be entered in this year. She encouraged members to spread the word about the art show and to submit several entries of their work in the show. A work session was schedule for this coming Thursday (March 15) to fold and address entry forms to prospective participants. Martha also reported that Portales High School art students will be entering work in our student division this year along with Muleshoe High School art students.

Hodgson begins her painting by sketching it out in rough form.

Melba Bratcher reported on member art that is displayed year-round at the library. Ann Johnson’s work has been on display and will be replaced by artwork of Judy Gambill for the rest of March and the month of April.

Sandra Chancey gave the treasurer’s report, Alice Liles read the minutes from the last meeting, the door prize was won by Martha Hunnicutt, a patriotic wall clock brought by Mike Jones, and the meeting was adjourned.

After members enjoyed refreshments provided by Judy Wade and Kay Hohes, everyone traveled to the Muleshoe Heritage Center where Margaret Hodgson presented the program on plein air painting. Plein air is French for open air and refers to actual painting done in outdoor daylight. Margaret set up her palette and work station in front of the Santa Fe Depot at the Heritage Center, and members sat in chairs they had brought from home for the session. Margaret supplied handouts to the group listing the steps she goes through when working on a plein air painting and a list of specific art equipment and colors she likes to use. She also gave us a check list of supplies she double-checks before leaving the house to paint so that she doesn’t get to her location only to realize she has left a necessary or useful item at home. The list included painting supplies as you would expect, but also had things that she had found useful over time on her many outings, things like bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, water, and bungee cords, just to name a few. She talked about doing some preliminary work, like choosing your focal point, comparing dark and light values, keeping in mind the rule of thirds when framing your subject, looking for the best point of view, and staging your elements before drawing the basic design. Time did not allow Margaret to complete the painting, but everyone enjoyed watching the painting take shape and learned working tips to use themselves.

By the end of the meeting, Hodgson has made progress on the details in the painting of the wagon and the end of the Santa Fe Depot at the Muleshoe Heritage Center.
(Photo courtesy of Mike Jones)

Members present at the meeting included Amy Armenta, Melba Bratcher, Sandra Chancey, Judy Gambill, Martha Hunnicutt, Ann Johnson, Alice Liles, Judy Wade, Shirley White, Margaret Hodgson, June Musick, and Mike Jones.

The association’s spring show will take place at AimBank and will begin on April 9th and run through April 13th. Entries will be accepted on April 9th. For more information, contact any art association member or call Martha Hunnicutt at 806-272-6749.


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