February 23, 2024
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  • 5:09 pm City Council orders City General Election, Special Election
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BY GAIL M. WILLIAMS, Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

The regular meeting of Muleshoe City Council was held Monday, March 12, in Muleshoe City Hall. Unofficial minutes of the meeting follow:

Members present were Mayor Cliff Black, Mayor Pro Tem Colt Ellis, Council Member Gary Parker and Council Member Earl Behrends.

Others present were City Manager LeAnn Gallman; City Secretary Zanea Carpenter; Public Works Director Ramon Sanchez; Gil Rennels, Channel 6 News; Bryan Guymon, Underwood Law Firm; Joshua Guymon; Police Chief Roy Rice; and Lupe Mendoza.

Minutes of the Feb. 12 meeting were approved.

The financial statement for Feb. 28 was approved.

Parker moved and Ellis
seconded a motion to cancel the May 5, 2018, general election for mayor. Motion carried.

Ellis moved and Behrends seconded a motion to appoint election judges for the May 5, 2018, special election. Motion carried.

Behrends moved and Ellis seconded a motion to award the bid for the Ground Storage Tanks to Dowtech Specialty Contractors, Inc, for $2,143,887. Motion carried.

Parker moved and Ellis seconded a motion to renew the contract with Leading EDG. Motion carried.

Administrative reports included:

The City held a wellness clinic on Tuesday, Feb. 27. Thirty-nine employees and dependents participated.

The TML Region 3 quarterly meeting will be Thursday, March 29, at the Scottish Rite Learning Center in Lubbock.

The City has received
notification that Reach Broadband has been acquired by Financial Technologies, LLC, dba AW Broadband of Amarillo. The sale is expected to be effective Sunday, April 1.

The Pilot’s Lounge project at the Muleshoe Municipal Airport is complete.

City of Muleshoe Police Department held an auction on Saturday, March 3, to sell abandoned and seized vehicles and miscellaneous equipment.

Ramon Sanchez, Kasey Coker and LeAnn Gallman participated in mock interviews at Muleshoe High School on Friday, March 2 to help prepare students for their future.

Mayor and Council remarks included:

Council member Behrends, Roy Rice and Zanea Carpenter attended a TML Small Cities Problem Clinic in Farwell on Friday, March 2.

City Council and City of Muleshoe staff had a budget workshop in preparation for the 2018-2019 budget.

Rhea Gonzales


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