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BY GAIL M. WILLIAMS, Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

The regular meeting of Muleshoe City Council was held Monday, April 9, 2018, in Muleshoe City Hall. Unofficial minutes of the meeting follow:

Members present were Mayor Cliff Black, Council Member Gary Parker and Council Member Earl Behrends.

Mayor Pro-Tem Colt Ellis was absent.

Others present were City Manager LeAnn Gallman; City Secretary Zanea Carpenter; Public Works Director Ramon Sanchez; Lupe Mendoza; and Gil Rennels, Channel 6 News.

Minutes of the March 12 meeting were approved.

In a report, citizens were advised to be alert and vaccinate pets following a positive rabies result on a skunk in Muleshoe.

In other action:

Parker moved and Behrends seconded a motion to approve Resolution R-737-0418 Housing Rehabilitation Program Affirmative Marketing Resolution. Motion carried.

Black moved and Behrends seconded a motion to approve up to $2,000 of Hotel/Motel tax funds for advertising and promotion of the Muleshoe Roadriders 2018 Muleshoe Roadriders Motorcycle Rally. Motion carried.

Black moved and Behrends seconded a motion to approve the March 31 Investment Summary and Financials. Motion carried.

Administrative reports included:

Work continues on the new lift station.

A pre-construction meeting on the ground storage tank project will be on April 11.

Staff and Council Member Behrends attended the TML Region III meeting in Lubbock on March 29. The program was on Code Compliance.

Thanks to the help of the city attorney, the city was able to collect past due franchise fees from Reach Broadband. AW Broadband has purchased Reach, and the city looks forward to a good working relationship with the new company.

Mayor and Council remarks included:

Behrends inquired about city staff attending pipeline safety meetings held in Muleshoe. The city staff does attend these meetings.

The Mayor’s Prayer Luncheon will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, May 3, at Bailey County Coliseum Grandaddy’s will cater the meal, and a special guest speaker is scheduled.

Election Day is Saturday, May 5. The city will hold a Special Election to elect the District 2 council member. Candidates on the ballot are Lupe Mendoza and Craig Black. Residents in District 2 will be able to vote in this election, which will be held at City Hall. Early voting will be Monday, April 23, through Tuesday, May 1.

Bailey County will hold a runoff election on Tuesday, May 22.


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