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After encouragement from local patrons, Muleshoe ISD Board of Trustees developed a policy to help deter and intervene quickly in the event of an active shooter, according to MISD Superintendent R.L. Richards. The Muleshoe Board approved Policy CKC (Local) during the regular March meeting.

“The policy is to help Muleshoe schools continue to provide a safe place for student learning,” Richards said. “Even though the steps may seem a little drastic, the policy prevents all of the Muleshoe campuses from being a ‘soft target’ for possible intruders. All school board members agreed that making the policy is the first step in deterring an active shooter situation. The CKC Policy outlines the methods that will be involved in helping make our schools safe.”

After the board approved the policy, a school-wide Task Force was developed to discuss the strengths, weaknesses and members on the Task Force were Kerri Frost, Dani Heath opportunities of the policy. Staff ington, Sam Whalin, Cindy Bessire, Lee Walker, Tommie Stiles, Jessica Nichols, Chantel Riley, Amanda Sealy, Shelly Turnbow and David Vela.

The group determined the priorities for the policy.

CKC (Local) Policy – Task Force


April 12, 2018


Help deter an event before we fall to tragedy

Immediate/quick response

Increase student and staff safety (relax fears)

Teacher given ability to be proactive

Community perception of keeping students safe

Utilize District Wide E.O.P. Standards



  • Definitions-

Emergency Operations Plans

The Superintendent shall ensure updating of the District’s Emergency Operations Plan and ongoing staff training.

As required by law, the emergency operations plan shall include the District’s procedures addressing reasonable security measures when District property is used as a polling place.



The Board adopts these provisions regarding firearms to address concerns about effective and timely response to emergency situations at a District school, including: invasion of a school by an armed outsider; a hostage situation; actions of a student who is armed and poses a direct threat of physical harm to himself, herself, or others; and similar circumstances.


Pursuant to its authority under state law, the Board may, from time to time, authorize specific District employees to possess certain firearms at school, at school-sponsored or school-related events, and at Board meetings.

Each specifically authorized employee shall be approved by a separate action of the Board. The Superintendent shall issue written authorization to each approved employee. When the Superintendent is the authorized employee, the Board President shall issue the written authorization.

The authorization for a specific employee to possess a firearm under this policy shall be automatically revoked if the employee is placed on administrative leave or separates from employment with the District, regardless of the reason. In addition, the Superintendent shall have the authority to revoke or suspend at any time a specific employee’s authorization to possess a firearm under this policy.

Employee participation in this safety program shall be voluntary and shall not be a requirement for any position of employment with the District.

Handgun Licensees

Only a District employee who maintains a current license to carry a handgun, in accordance with state law, shall be eligible for authorization to possess a firearm on District premises.

A District employee who is a handgun license holder but who has not been specifically authorized by Board action under this policy shall not be permitted to possess a firearm on school property except in accordance with the limited provisions of the DH (LOCAL), the local district handbook.

For purposes of this policy, “premises” shall have the same meaning as Section 46.035 of the Texas Penal Code.


Each District employee who is authorized to possess a firearm on District premises shall be required to annually qualify as to his or her shooting ability and attend other training as mandated by the Texas Education Code, any other applicable federal or state statute, and other topics as the Board or designee may determine necessary or appropriate.



Only frangible ammunition, i.e., ammunition designed to have reduced ricochet hazard, shall be permitted, if commercially available, in firearms authorized to be on District property.

Muleshoe ISD Policy CKC




Rhea Gonzales


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