May 18, 2024
  • 3:18 pm Several area seniors receive AgTexas scholarships
  • 3:17 pm 8 area students receive Five Area Connect Scholarships
  • 3:14 pm Muleshoe City Council considers childcare facility tax exemption
  • 3:14 pm This is what the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge Expansion means for landowners
  • 3:13 pm Muleshoe Art Association holds last meeting of the year

Coach Albert Lopez brought the 2018 MHS powerlifting team to the stage.

“We had a successful powerlifting season,” said Coach Lopez. “This team worked extremely hard and saw an increase in personal records and overall totals as the season progressed. This was a motivated and dedicated group.”

Lopez introduced the Regional Qualifiers; Brianna Barron, Noa Rojas, Jill Rojas, Valeria Carreaga, Lourdes Escalante, and Derek Barron.

The Girls Most Valuable Award was presented to Brianna Barron, and the Boys Most Valuable Player Award went to Derek Barron.

The varsity tennis team was invited to the stage by Coach Jody Wood.

“Congratulations to these players on their awesome season,” said Coach Jody Wood. “Eight varsity players earned medals at the District Meet. We had six players and four alternates advance to the Region I Meet. We competed and represented the Mules with pride.”

“Those earning medals at the District Meet were: Jacob Kettner and Liliana Barrera as District Champions in Mixed Doubles. Izaiah Perez and Ricardo Torres were District Champions in Boys Doubles. Sophia Sianez and Anghy Avilez were District Silver Medalist in Girls Doubles. Cassidy Cage received the Bronze Medal in Girls Singles, and Luke Leal earned the Bronze Medal in Boys Singles.”

The Tennis Team Award went to Jimmy Villa and Raul Sierra. The Tennis Most Valuable Player Awards went to Jacob Kettner and Liliana Barrera.

The 2018 MHS golf teams were the next to the stage with their coach Steven Butler.

“The Lady Mules had a great season,” stated Butler. “They placed fifth at the Denver City Tournament, placed second in the Muleshoe Tournament, seven at Lubbock Roosevelt, and second at Olton. The girls finished in fifth place in district competition.”

“The girls all made great strides in their games and are looking forward to improving, even more, going into next season.”

“The Mules played very well in each tournament,” continued Butler. Wyatt Parker opened the season by placing tenth in the Denver City Tournament, and the teams placed fourth. The Mules finished fourth in the Muleshoe Tournament, sixth at Lubbock Roosevelt, and third in the Olton Tournament.”

“The Mules finished second in district competition to advance to the Region I Tournament. Wyatt Parker placed second as a district medalist.”

“The Mules were fifteenth in Region I competition after shooting their best two rounds of the season, 388 and 374. Parker ended the tournament tied for thirty-fourth out of ninety-six golfers by shooting a combined score of 174.”

The Girls Golf Award went to Yvonne Diaz, and the Boys Golf Award went to Brendon Rodriguez.

Coach Albert Lopez invited the Lady Mule track team to the stage.

“We are so proud of how these young ladies represented themselves and our community,” said Lopez.

“They demonstrated respect for the workers at the meets as well as other competitors.”

The Area qualifiers were recognized. Keely Dunham in the discus, Dellany Martinez in the 300-meter hurdles, and Lilliana Martinez in the 1600- and 3200-meter runs. Kyndal Miller qualified in the high jump and Anahi Barrera in Long Jump.

Miller, Barrera, Reina Regalado and Natalie Elizalde qualified in the 800- and 1600-meter relays. Emily Mora joined Miller, Regalado, and Elizalde as qualifiers in the 400-meter relay.

The Newcomer of the Year Award went to Anahi Barrera. The Most Improved Runner Award went to Natali Elizalde. Best in Field Events went to Keely Dunham. The Workhorse Award was presented to Lilly Martinez. The Most Valuable Player Award went to Kyndal Miller.

Jesse Garza brought the Mule track team to the stage.

“Each athlete competed extremely hard and contributed in their own way to help their team,” said Garza.

“Every one of our kids ran their personal best at district. I want to thank the senior track athletes for staying in the program and being the leaders of our track team.”

The Area Qualifiers were recognized; Eduardo Pantoja in the 3200-meter run, Michael Lozano in the 800-meter run, Romeo Reyes in the 200- and 400-meter dashes, Ethan Gonzales in the 1600-meter run, and Ean Hasley in the 110-meter hurdles. Isaac Mendoza and Corbin Hardwick qualified in the high jump and Carlos Meza in the discus.

The Newcomer of the Year Award went to Kynton Haseloff. The Best in Field Events Award went to Isaac Mendoza. The Most Improved Award was presented to Corbin Hardwick. The Workhorse Award went to Carlos Meza.

The Track Most Valuable Player Award was present to Romeo Reyes. The Fighting Heart Award was presented to Michael Lozano.

The Lady Mule softball team joined their coach, Ryan Miller, on the stage.

“We faced some tough teams in pre-district that helped us prepare for district,” said Miller. “We finished the season with a record of 9-10 and a district record of 3-7.”

“Some of our favorite memories for this year include Coach G’s unique announcing skills at our home games, AB (Mendoza) running into the fence going after a fly ball at Estacado, all the black eyes and fighting through injuries to come back and beat Idalou at their place in 27-degree weather. We finished the year on a good note by defeating Slaton and look forward to what the future holds for the Lady Mules.”

The Pitcher of the Year Award goes to a young lady that struck out 127 opponents, Clarissa Rejino. Rejino was named as a pitcher on the First Team All-District Team.

The Golden Glove recipient ended the year with a fielding percentage of .952, Madison Hasley. Hasley was named as the Second Team All-District Utility Player.

The Silver Slugger Award was presented to Mia’Kayla Reyna with a .465 batting average. Reyna was picked as Honorable Mention Designated Player.

The Fighting Heart Award went to a player that always found a way to have a great at-bat or do something to help her team, AB Mendoza. Mendoza was chosen as an Honorable Mention Right Fielder.

The Lady Mule Softball Team Most Valuable Player Award went to Melody Moran with a fielding percentage of .961 and a batting average of .500. Moran was picked as an Honorable Mention First Baseman.

The Home Run Queen was Jillian Rojas with a season-high six home runs.

Dellany Martinez was chosen as an Honorable Mention Center Fielder. Emili Moran was picked as an Honorable Mention Short Stop.

The Mule baseball team joined their coaches, Wes Boatmun and David Sturdivant on stage.

“When Coach Sturdivant and I left for Baseball Coaching School this January in Waco,” said Boatmun. “We did not talk about the expectations we had of finishing our season 7-14, with a 2-8 district mark. We talked with great anticipation about the upcoming season and about the juniors and seniors who would form the core of our team.”

“We knew also the parity of our district and our chances at a playoff run, and we were resolved, the both of us, to that end. But that is not the end we realized. Our season happened differently.”

“Every season is its own story—there are characters, large and small, who make entrances….who make exits. There are decorations of suspense and dilemma — defining moments when choices are made….when the way is uncertain, and fortunes hang in the balance.”

“I tell you truly, if a story is to be good, it must have the right people…and it must have the right moments. But the better and the best stories are ever the stories that develop. The ones whose action rises, precisely at the right time, but against all expectation.”

“As stories go, there is comedy, and there is tragedy,” continued Boatmun.

“But both are good, and they’re only different because of a feeling attached at the end of it all. That feeling is different for everyone, and decided upon, finally, by each for his own reasons, yet however he chooses to feel, the story was good. The story was worth remembering.”

“Before we get to the award, Coach Sturdivant and I wish to express a special thanks to our players for their commitment and hard work, our fellow coaches for their help, consideration, and sharing of athletes, and to our player’s families for their continued encouragement. We would also like to thank our wives for everything that happens behind the scenes.”

The Offensive Player of the Year Award was presented to a young man who led the team in hits, doubles, triples, home runs, and RBI’s. Congratulations and the award went to Moises Vasquez.

The Defensive Player of the Year Award was presented to a young man who played a variety of positions. He could make a tough play look easy, or a bad throw look good. Congratulations and the award went to Ethan Villa.

The Pitcher of the Year went to a young man who, although his age might suggest otherwise, is a veteran, already, of the game. He led the Mules in strikeouts, Riley Kettner.

The Newcomer of the Year goes to a young man who has made himself new. You may have seen him lately running down fly balls in our outfield making circus-like catches. Congratulations Jacob DeLeon.

The Team Most Valuable Player Award goes to our best all-around baseball player. He led our team in multiple categories this season, but, more than anything, he led our team. And he will not be easy to replace. Congratulations to JoJo Rejino.

Assistant Principal Rob Hollis dismissed the attendees with the benediction.


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