May 28, 2024
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  • 4:42 pm ‘Anne with an E’ differs from the Anne you always knew
  • 4:42 pm Gail column: Rumbling aside, presidential candidates will once again take the debate stage
  • 4:41 pm Sinkholes, justice and mercy
  • 4:41 pm Beta Sigma Phi ends year with a road trip

By Luis Pacheco
Muleshoe Speech and Debate Coach

An old adage states that lightning never strikes in the same place more than once. However, U.S. Park Ranger Roy Cleveland Sullivan was struck by lightning more than once, and survived. In fact, he was struck seven times and survived.
The grace of God makes the impossible possible.
Lightning has also struck more than once in the same place for Muleshoe High School. Wyatt Parker is a back-to-back State Champion of 3A UIL Prose Interpretation. Gio Ceja is the State Champion of 3A UIL Poetry Interpretation. Gio is part of the back-to back-to-back State Championship in Poetry for MHS, which began with Chris Flores winning in 2016.
For statisticians in the district, that’s five UIL state champions in three years. Putting those numbers into context, with 221 Conference 3A schools in the great state of Texas multiplied by three entries is 663. Gio and Wyatt were both 1st place out of 663. Kudos to every Mule who helped along the way!
Words cannot convey the excitement felt on this trip to Austin. The grace of God makes the impossible possible.

Rhea Gonzales


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