February 23, 2020
  • 1:46 pm Portales, New Mexico Auction
  • 1:41 pm Muleshoe City Council Approves Contract with Leading|EDG
  • 1:37 pm BCEC Scholarship
  • 4:40 pm Green grapes bring back memories
  • 4:37 pm Obituary: Joseph Allen Crandell, III,

Gail Williams

The Muleshoe ISD Board of Trustees, campus principals, and directors met to review the 2017-18 Goals and to develop 2018-19 Goals.
Before the Goal Setting meeting developed, personnel agenda items were discussed. Sergio Leal made a motion, seconded by Carroll Precure to accept resignations from Chelsea Ponder, Mayra Segura, Tammy Parker and Wendy Hollis.
Precure made a motion, seconded by Ashley Turnbow, to hire Robert Wallace, Tessa Garner Toscano, Valerie McCamish, Kim Cox and Laurie Taylor as professional employees subject to assignment.
The group discussed school safety and continued reviewing the Guardian plan in which select teachers will be vetted to carry firearms on campus to prevent and deter a possible school shooter.
In keeping with the Continuous Improvement Model, the trustees and administrators went through several activities to develop a consensus on the 2018-19 Muleshoe ISD Goals. Attached are the five DRAFT goals determined by the group. The Muleshoe ISD Board of Trustees will approve these goals at a later meeting.
The board hopes to implement these five goals in a way to keep Muleshoe ISD a strong and prevalent student-oriented organization.

Rhea Gonzales


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