November 29, 2023
  • 5:04 pm Zeta Rho travels to South Korea with Tiffany Hicks
  • 5:03 pm The life of Don McElroy
  • 5:01 pm COMMENTARY: 1913 heroine proves too unlikeable for 21st Century producers
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  • 5:00 pm Mules lose in area playoff round

By Gail M. Williams
Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

So many floats showed up for the annual Fourth of July parade that Kaci Morris, Chamber of Commerce director, lost count.
“Gosh, well over 30. I lost track of how many showed up,” she said. “The community came out, and there were so many great floats. People worked hard and took the time to be involved. It’s hard work to get a float together.”
Though the weather was warm, the shade helped, and revelers stayed around till closing time.
“At 5 o’clock, there was still a courthouse full of people,” Morris said. “We had a good crowd including people from all the surrounding communities.”
Many people took part in events such as the flag football tournament.
“Ladies at the courthouse put together the volleyball tournament, and they said 12 teams participated,” Morris said.
The fireworks display capped off the celebration in fine style.
“It was probably the best fireworks show we’ve had. They stepped it up a notch. It was pretty amazing,” Morris said.
Winners of the float contest were as follows:
First Place: Godinez Sprinkler Service
Second Place: La Carrata
Third Place: The Nickels Family

Rhea Gonzales


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