February 26, 2024
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Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

A large group of MISD staff members and visitors attend the Sept. 17 MISD Board of Trustees meeting. Among those were Savannah Box, Marion Wynne and Bryanna Lashbrook from the Food Service Company; Bailey County Attorney Jackie Claiborne from Bailey County EMS; Letti Tovar, Brianne McDonald, Samantha Anderson, Angela Reyes, Christy Montiel, Blair Morris and Stephanie Brown from Dillman Elementary; Principal Jennifer Burrus, Kristy Butler, Laurie Taylor, Sarah McCaslin, Rebecca Sanchez and Nelda Wilhite from DeShazo Elementary; Melvin Nusser, Charity Price, Krystal Reyn, Balee Black and Valinda Miller from Watson Junior High.
Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Enrollment is down just a little.
Staff members presented Common Sense Planning, a program teachers are using to improve instruction to higher level, middle level and lower level students, to all students. This type of collaborative planning has become more effective than past practices used in the district.
Budget Amendment #1, an amendment required by the Texas Education Agency and general accepted accounting principles to move money from one budget line item to another budget line item, was discussed. The administration recommended the board adjust money into some line items to compensate for personnel salaries and to compensate for some technology needs in the district. The board approved Budget Amendment #1 to help the students and school continue to improve.
Dani Heathington presented a first reading of Update 57. Update 57 encompasses some local board policies advised by the Texas Association of School Boards to adopt to make sure current policies are up with state law and current district practices.
Heathington also presented the second reading of Update 111 to Board Policy. Texas Association of School Boards recommended the board approve these policies to keep Muleshoe ISD current with state laws. Update 111 is an intense and lengthy board policy update that covers many areas from the last Texas legislative session. The board usually approves the second readings of the policy as it is consistent with local practices.
Bailey County Attorney Claiborne, representing Bailey County EMS, attended the meeting to help clarify a possible interlocal agreement between the school district and the county in regards to EMS Services at the football games. Though UIL does not require EMS services at the varsity football games, the school district and county have been working on an agreement. Claiborne presented the pros of having an interlocal agreement. Several board members had questions, and the discussion was very productive. Lisa Whalin provided research regarding other schools and EMS services for varsity football games. The board agreed to pay for EMS services for the games.
Heathington recommended disposition of some textbooks from 1988 and 1995. The school board is required to approve Disposition of Instructional Materials policies before eliminating textbooks from the bookrooms.
After consultation with nurses and administration, it was recommended the board approve Policy FFAC. The policy deals with how EpiPens are used for students with food allergies

Rhea Gonzales


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