April 16, 2021
  • 8:27 pm 1 dead, 1 injured in crash near Farwell
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe band director on administrative leave after allegations of misconduct with a student
  • 7:33 pm Several injuries reported after bus crash in Bailey County
  • 10:21 am Obituary: Ricky Dale Rasco
  • 5:13 pm Obituary: Benjamin Nelson Brock

By Coach Bridgette Wall

Hey there Sports Fans!
Monday, Oct. 8, our cross country team endured the second flood of the world as they ran at Thompson Park. There was a rain delay, yet our cross country kids know no bounds when it comes to the elements. They ran through the swamps and the prairies of Amarillo.
The Watson Junior High ladies won their division and the Watson Junior High boys finished second in their division. Big congratulations to our student athletes and thank you to Coach Dunn on her Watson Junior High success! The future for Muleshoe XC is very bright!
All of our Muleshoe athletes fought hard, but only three MHS varsity runners advanced. Lily Martinez, Ethan Clapp and Ricky Diaz have qualified for the next round at the Regional Cross Country meet in Lubbock at the epic course Mae Simmons Park on Oct. 22.
We are so incredibly proud of these students:
Kylee Villa, Valeria Carreaga, Heather Chavez and Araceli Hernandez.
Brandon Ramirez, Julian Elizadae and Wilson Miranda
These students have given their all. Every day in practice they ran in the blistering heat, the rain and the West Texas wind. I am so proud of the progress that these kids have made and I look forward to the future of the Muleshoe Cross Country team. Please join me in congratulating our regional finalists, Lily Martinez, Ethan Clapp and Ricky Diaz. Thank you to Coach Wall and all the Muleshoe staff as our students continue to GROW!

Rhea Gonzales


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