July 8, 2020
  • 1:54 pm Willingham Southwest Cotton Gin
  • 1:51 pm Coronavirus curtails contact, but Muleshoe pride shines through
  • 1:50 pm Texans now required to wear face masks in public — but not in Bailey County
  • 1:40 pm The fourth of July that almost wasn’t
  • 11:00 am I guess the turtle was right

October 15
Gerardo Silva, 20, Muleshoe, Texas No driver’s license.

October 16
Fernando Toscano, 32, Muleshoe, Texas Violated protect order bias/prejud with two plus previous convictions.

October 18
Anel Hernandez Estrada, 22, Muleshoe, Texas Driving while intoxicated, open alcohol container.

October 20
Jose Quezada, 48, Muleshoe, Texas Driving with license invalid with previous conviction suspended without final resolution.

October 21
Melbi-Pena Carranza, 33, Earth, Texas Driving while intoxicated, open alcohol container
Santiago Chich-Ortiz, 27, Muleshoe, Texas Deaf Smith County Warrant- failure to identify, bail jumping and failure to appear two counts.

Rhea Gonzales


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