February 23, 2024
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Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Governor Greg Abbott has reappointed Kyle Sheets, M.D., of Ovalo, to the Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke, according to a press release from the Office of the Governor. Sheets is a licensed physician in primary care, long affiliated with Muleshoe Area Medical Center. His term is set to expire Feb. 1, 2023.
Sheets was raised in Farwell and graduated from high school there. He received a Bachelor of Science from Abilene Christian University and a Doctor of Medicine from The University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine.
“I practiced medicine as a family physician in Muleshoe for nearly 20 years,” Sheets said. “Some of my kids went to Muleshoe High School.”Sheets is an emergency room physician and CEO of Concord Medical Group, which manages more than 50 hospital emergency departments. He is the founding member of Physicians Aiding Physicians Abroad (PAPA) and former chairman of Christian Homes of Abilene.
Sheets frequently travels on medical missions for PAPA. He has flown to Zimbabwe in Africa every year, at least once a month, since 1990.
“Recently, I began traveling to a hospital in Guatemala where there is no medical care for 250,000 Quiche Indians,” Sheets said.
The Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke is charged with developing an effective and resource‐efficient plan to reduce the morbidity, mortality and economic burden of cardiovascular disease and stroke in the State of Texas.
On beginning his second term on the Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke, Sheets emphasizes his role as a voice for rural health care.
“The main thing I bring is perspective on rural hospitals. They have different problems and need different solutions,” Sheets said. “Sometimes they have a difficult time staying open financially. It takes a lot of money to do policies that are put in place. Folks need to realize that we need the same level of care in a rural place. That’s not always easy with a lack of financial ability.”
Sheets advises that if a person has signs of stroke or heart attack, the most important thing is not to waste time.
“Time is critical,” he said. “Don’t wait — go immediately to the emergency room. Time is a critical factor in both conditions. The quicker things are dealt with the better the outcome.”
Abbott has also appointed E’Loria Simon-Campbell, Ph.D. to the Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke for a term set to expire on Feb. 1, 2019. Additionally, the Governor has appointed Janet Hall and reappointed Neal Rutledge, M.D. for terms set to expire on Feb. 1, 2023.

Rhea Gonzales


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