July 14, 2020
  • 1:54 pm Willingham Southwest Cotton Gin
  • 1:51 pm Coronavirus curtails contact, but Muleshoe pride shines through
  • 1:50 pm Texans now required to wear face masks in public — but not in Bailey County
  • 1:40 pm The fourth of July that almost wasn’t
  • 11:00 am I guess the turtle was right

Powder Bear Gonzalves comes to the Muleshoe area from Miles City, Montana for temporary work of cleaning out surrounding dairies. Gonzalves is a former POW, Vietnam Veteran Marine traveling with his companion puppy Charlie Russell Gibson. After the passing of his wife to cancer, he made a promise to her that he will look after Charlie. On December 12th, Gonzalves was out in the area of Wedel Farms, when he let Charlie out the truck for a bit, Charlie, with dog instincts, took off chasing rabbits, losing sight of where he went. Please keep a watchful eye out in the Progress area for him, Charlie is not only a pet he is family. Please help find his companion and bring him home especially for the holidays. Gonzalves stated, “I was planning to go visit a friend and young daughter for the holidays, but this happened and as a former Combat Marine we don’t leave no one behind. I am not leaving here until I find my pal.”
Last seen wearing pink and blue jacket with Charlie Russel Gibson on it, has a pink and green collar with a dog tag; dog tag information; Miles City Montana 406- 853-3499. If anyone has seen or heard the whereabouts of Charlie Russell Gibson please contact Powder Bear Gonzalves at 406-853-3499 or contact his daughter 406-853-0881. There is a $500 reward.

Rhea Gonzales


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