December 13, 2019
  • 4:46 pm Countless Thanks to OUR VETERANS
  • 3:54 pm Field trips introduce MHS students to ag industry possibilities
  • 3:52 pm He looks young, he is young, and so were they all
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe High School, community assemble to honor veterans
  • 3:48 pm This Alligator Bites Your Wallet and Won’t Stop Chewing

Powder Bear Gonzalves comes to the Muleshoe area from Miles City, Montana for temporary work of cleaning out surrounding dairies. Gonzalves is a former POW, Vietnam Veteran Marine traveling with his companion puppy Charlie Russell Gibson. After the passing of his wife to cancer, he made a promise to her that he will look after Charlie. On December 12th, Gonzalves was out in the area of Wedel Farms, when he let Charlie out the truck for a bit, Charlie, with dog instincts, took off chasing rabbits, losing sight of where he went. Please keep a watchful eye out in the Progress area for him, Charlie is not only a pet he is family. Please help find his companion and bring him home especially for the holidays. Gonzalves stated, “I was planning to go visit a friend and young daughter for the holidays, but this happened and as a former Combat Marine we don’t leave no one behind. I am not leaving here until I find my pal.”
Last seen wearing pink and blue jacket with Charlie Russel Gibson on it, has a pink and green collar with a dog tag; dog tag information; Miles City Montana 406- 853-3499. If anyone has seen or heard the whereabouts of Charlie Russell Gibson please contact Powder Bear Gonzalves at 406-853-3499 or contact his daughter 406-853-0881. There is a $500 reward.

Rhea Gonzales


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