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Remebering Joe Bob Stevenson, 1944-2010

By Alice Liles

Alice’s note: This story first appeared in my blog The Bright Lights of Muleshoe on October 26, 2010. Joe Bob Stevenson was one of the first friends we made when we moved here in 1980. After he married Sheila Snyder in 1985, the friendship continued and we all had many fun times together. When I passed the shelf of Velveeta in the grocery store the other day, I thought these stories about Joe Bob might bring a smile.

Zeta Rho learns about Blayne Shipman’s studies abroad

Zeta Rho chapter of Beta Sigma Phi held their monthly meeting Jan. 9 in the home of Sherri Shipman. Barbara Finney served as co-hostess. Members enjoyed Cuban Caesar salad, cream of tomato soup, creamed potato soup, with sour cream, chives, grated cheese, and bacon bits as garnish along with assorted crackers, tea, and wine. Red velvet cookies, Italian crème cake, and cheesecake with strawberry sauce were served for dessert.

Bride finds special way to honor grandmothers at her wedding

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Social convention dictates specific roles for members of a wedding. Bride, groom, mothers, fathers and friends all have a part to play.
But while grandmothers wear corsages and are sometimes honored with a mention in the wedding program, it is seldom that they have an active function during the ceremony.
While planning her wedding to Caswell Compton at The Victorian Plantation in Lafayette, Louisiana, bride Jenna Rhoads was struck by a way to honor her grandmothers. She would ask Wanda Shafer, 84, of Muleshoe, and Dee Rhoads, 85, of Midland, to be flower girls.

Art Association learns about abstract art from Tom Boutell

The Muleshoe Art Association met in the Santa Fe Depot at the Muleshoe Heritage Center on Tuesday, January 8, for their first monthly meeting of the new year. Tom Boutell, retired Muleshoe ISD teacher, entertained and educated members about abstract art. Boutell, who considers himself an abstract colorist, said the simple definition of abstract art is to depict reality without realistic shapes and forms to make a statement.


Photo by Alexis Cubit/Plainview Herald Derek Barron is pictured bench pressing 155 pounds at the powerlifting meet Saturday in Plainview. Barron placed second in his weight class division. Both girls and boys placed 12th as a team. Their next meet will be Jan. 26 in Abernathy.