February 26, 2024
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Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Social convention dictates specific roles for members of a wedding. Bride, groom, mothers, fathers and friends all have a part to play.
But while grandmothers wear corsages and are sometimes honored with a mention in the wedding program, it is seldom that they have an active function during the ceremony.
While planning her wedding to Caswell Compton at The Victorian Plantation in Lafayette, Louisiana, bride Jenna Rhoads was struck by a way to honor her grandmothers. She would ask Wanda Shafer, 84, of Muleshoe, and Dee Rhoads, 85, of Midland, to be flower girls.
The grandmothers’ role was kept a secret until the night before the wedding when the rehearsal took place.
“They loved it; they thought it was a neat idea,” said mother-of-the-bride and Muleshoe High graduate Linda Shafer Rhoads.
During the wedding on October 20, 2018, assembled guests probably expected to see a small child bearing a basket of flowers.
Instead, they saw the bride’s smiling grandmothers, one on either arm of their grandson Joshua Rhoads of El Paso, Texas. Their escort carried a basket of flowers, and the grandmothers scattered petals as they walked.
“People turned their heads and giggled; they were so cute and precious,” Linda Rhoads said. “It’s wonderful that both grandmothers could be there to do it.”
Jenna (Rhoads) Compton is the daughter of Jeff and Linda (Shafer) Rhoads from Lafayette. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and an occupational therapist at UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center in Birmingham, Alabama.
Caswell Palmer Compton is the son of Wayne and Lynn Frith of Grove Hill, Alabama, and Mike Compton of Demopolis, Alabama. Caswell is a graduate of Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. He is employed at Aerotek as account manager for aviation division.
The couple lives in Birmingham.


Rhea Gonzales


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