April 16, 2021
  • 8:27 pm 1 dead, 1 injured in crash near Farwell
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe band director on administrative leave after allegations of misconduct with a student
  • 7:33 pm Several injuries reported after bus crash in Bailey County
  • 10:21 am Obituary: Ricky Dale Rasco
  • 5:13 pm Obituary: Benjamin Nelson Brock

Muleshoe Ladies Country Club Association met Jan. 17. Pat Kirk called the meeting t order with prayer led by Helen Templeton; also welcomed our guests June Hunter and Sherri Shipman.
The officers hosted the January meal. We were served Mexican Beef Casserole with chips, avocado salad, Monterey with seasoned crackers, with millionaire pie as dessert. The dining room was decorated with sparkling silver and blue winter theme decoration.

Courtesy Photo L-R; Picture of Muleshoe Ladies Country Club Association Officers; Reporter Deborah Noble, Treasurer Tammy Black, President Pat Kirk, Vice President Christie Whitt, and Secretary Donna Glover.

Deborah Noble was our only birthday in January.
Reports were given.
Tammy Black was commended for her excellent work on last year’s scrapbook.
We are in the process of arranging a golf trip to Dalhart to visit Ashley Pool.
Christie Whitt drew Marlene Martin’s name as our door prize winner.
We had sixteen people present; Jana St. Clair, Brenna Shipman, Marlene, Helen, Janet Claborn, June, Kay Field, Deborah, Tammy, Sherri, Pat, Christie, Donna Glover, and Kim Hunt.

Rhea Gonzales


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