September 20, 2020
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  • 4:41 pm Letter to the Editor
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People are very careful where they put their dollars. Most people believe that when it comes to charity, giving a little doesn’t help. The Oneita Wagnon Senior Citizen’s Center has been blessed to receive generous donations and contributions to promote its services and activities. We are thankful for everything we have received in the past. Every dollar really does count.
An article in the AARP Bulletin recently shared the keys to generous giving in an article written by Hugh Delehanty about Marlow Thomas. Marlow’s father was entertainer Danny Thomas, founder of St. Jude’s Hospital. Key #7 in this article was Never Underestimate Your Impact. She told this story of Ira Jackson. Mr. Jackson was a retiree on social security who managed to donate a little to St. Jude’s every month. Then he got a terminal illness. In a letter to the hospital during his final days he wrote, “I’m prepared to die, but I am concerned that the little children won’t have a chance to grow into healthy adults. My wish is for you to use this letter to find someone to take my place.” The hospital shared this letter and got 900 new donors who gave hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ira Jackson gave as much as he could, but less than $100. But Ira Jackson’s impact is still giving today. We need a lot more Ira Jacksons in our world!
For more information about our Center contact Carolyn Johnson, Director at 272-4969.

Rhea Gonzales


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