November 17, 2019
  • 4:46 pm Countless Thanks to OUR VETERANS
  • 3:54 pm Field trips introduce MHS students to ag industry possibilities
  • 3:52 pm He looks young, he is young, and so were they all
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe High School, community assemble to honor veterans
  • 3:48 pm This Alligator Bites Your Wallet and Won’t Stop Chewing

Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

The Chamber Membership Breakfast was held on Tuesday, Jan. 2. President Trevor Turnbow welcomed members and guests.
Jill Sisk, Chamber manager, gave the Chamber update and introduced board members, President Trevor Turnbow, Vice President Basil Nash, Secretary/Treasurer Dusty Stone and members Suzie Brown, Scott Miller, Sarah Santos and Jesus Tovar.
Turnbow led the business meeting. The financials and the minutes from last year’s meeting were reviewed and approved. The 2019 budget was set. Projected income is $72,700 and projected expenses are $ 68,100.
The Chamber made its goal of gaining 73 new members, counting single and business memberships. Merchandise sales brought in $10,276.33.
Plenty of merchandise is still in stock, estimated at $2,000 worth. Sisk said the merchandise is posted on FaceBook, and she can send items to those who wish to purchase.
Turnbow announced that a check for $1,000 has been donated to Dan Dunn, the Paint Jam artist who appeared at the 2018 Chamber Banquet. Dunn has been diagnosed with cancer, and the check will go to pay for expenses.
“At the last update, he’s still fighting,” Turnbow said.
The Carnival was successful, and the Chamber will receive a percent of the sales. The Carnival will be coming back this year too, possibly in a new location.
U.S. Rep. Jodey Arrington was the guest speaker.
The 2019 Chamber Banquet takes place on Saturday, May 4, with Jake Hooker and the Outsiders performing.

Rhea Gonzales


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