August 21, 2019
  • 2:55 pm
  • 2:52 pm Back-to-School Health Check
  • 2:35 pm Muleshoe ISD welcomes students, faculty and staff back to school
  • 2:17 pm Obituary: Erica Sanchez
  • 2:11 pm Obituary: Eddie Wayne Beene

Happy Valentine’s Day! — A day to live, love and celebrate those closest to us. It’s always a time when memories echo from the past and linger in our hearts. We encourage you to make this one a very special Valentine’s Day by coming and being a part of our Belated Valentine’ Dance on Friday, February 15th at our Senior Citizen’s Center. The Center truly is the heart of our town and the best gift you could give to your special someone is a night full of fun and pleasure. Come enjoy our great band, “The Curry County Outlaws”, our refreshments of finger foods and soft drinks, and our door prizes. If you can’t dance- just come and enjoy the good music and fellowship. Photographer Lonni Adrian will be available to take pictures. For more information call 272-4969.

MONDAY, February 18 – Ham & Beans, Cornbread, Margarine, Spinach, Seasoned Corn, Orange Pineapple Cup, Country Apple Crisp
TUESDAY, February 19 – Glazed Meatloaf, Red Bliss Potatoes, Breadstick, Mixed Vegetables, Country Apple Crisp
WEDNESDAY, February 20 – BBQ Chicken, Roasted Ranch Potatoes, Summer Squash, Tossed Vegetable Salad, Whole Wheat Roll, Lo Cal French Dressing, Peach Cobbler
THURSDAY, February 21 – Chicken Spaghetti, Spinach, Carrot & Raisin Salad, Whole Wheat Roll, Ginger Bread with Peach Sauce
FRIDAY, February 22 – Fish or Chicken Strips, Borracho Beans, Green Peas, Tossed Vegetable Salad, Lo Cal French Dressing, Whole Wheat Roll, Tropical Fruit Mix

Our Senior Citizen’s Center
Like to play dominoes and forty two?
Then the Senior Center might be for you.
How about exercise? Ride a bike, to tai chi?
The Senior Center is where you need to be.
Like to visit with friends as you enjoy a good meal?
The Senior Center has a very good deal.
Like to watch a good move with popcorn and a drink?
The Senior Center’s the best place, I think.
Like to do arts and crafts or read a good book?
The Senior Center is where you should look.
Like to just sit in comfort and mediate?
The Senior Center is first rate.
Like to dance or jig or hear a good band?
The Senior Center is really grand.
Like to win a prize when you yell “Bingo”?
The Senior Center is where you should go.
If you haven’t done so, just come for a day. See what we do. Hear what we say
With us, we think that you will agree—
The Senior Center is where you need to be!
For more information about the Muleshoe Senior Citizen’s Center Contact Carolyn Johnson, Director at 272-4969.

Rhea Gonzales


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