July 14, 2020
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Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Ellis Funeral Home hosted the exhibition “Remembering Our Fallen from Texas,” a display that represented more the 680 soldiers, on Monday.
“It was a big exhibit. We had pictures all around the funeral home,” said Starla Ellis.
Todd, Starla and Colt Ellis hosted the exhibition as part of their celebration of 60 years in business.
Starla said that in February of 1959, her father-in-law Frank H. Ellis and wife Sally purchased interest in the funeral home.
In 1984, their son Todd graduated from mortuary school, and in 1987, he and Starla purchased interest in Ellis Funeral Home.
In 2010, following Frank Ellis’ death in 2009, Todd and Starla purchased full interest in the funeral home. Their son Colt graduated from mortuary school in 2011, and in 2018, he purchased interest in Ellis Funeral Home.
Ellis Funeral Home employs four full-time and six part-time workers.
“We all three work together along with our employees,” Starla said.
“Since our founding in February 1959, the guiding principle of Ellis Funeral Home has been the commitment to treating each family who comes to us as our own, with sincerity, pride and dedication. We are committed to this time-honored tradition.”

Rhea Gonzales


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