February 23, 2024
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Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Despite rumors to the contrary, AW Broadband will continue to provide services to the Muleshoe community, and, by the way, those services are receiving an upgrade, according to an email from owner Matt Carpenter.
A local Amarillo company, AW Broadband started seven years ago, focusing on rural areas of the Texas Panhandle.
“Soon we found that even small towns with existing ISPs (Internet Service Providers) were not getting the speed upgrades that larger cities were seeing,” said Carpenter.
In April of 2018, AW Broadband purchased Reach Broadband’s Cable and Fiber services they had deployed in small communities around Lubbock. Since that time, AW Broadband has been upgrading all the equipment, increasing reliability and speeds.
“Starting January 2019, we begin our upgrade of the TV service in Muleshoe,” Carpenter said. “The current TV service used an older analog system that was unable to deliver HD video, DVR recording and only a limited number of channels.”
The upgrade provides more channels, all in HD, DVR recording and 48-hour look back (ability to see select shows that aired within the last 48 hours).
“We have a setup box that connects to your TV, but we also support Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web browser on your computer,” Carpenter said. “We will continue to upgrade the cable system and wireless systems, install fiber and add more features to the new AW TV system.”

Rhea Gonzales


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