June 4, 2020
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By Carolyn Johnson

(Some ideas taken from Reader’s Digest “How to Live Life with Live”)

Aging is a process in which most people do more things for the last time and fewer things for the first time. Reverse that and you have an antidote for growing old. We all know of people who seem to stay alive simply because they want to. Unfortunately we also know of people who suffer from boredom, who refuse to learn new things and fail to pursue exciting and creative past times.Studies show that inquiry into things that are new to you quickens your mind and improves your heart. Thus, insight into new things as you age helps you feel that you are living rather than just existing.
I do not know what life means to other people but I do know what it means to me. I feel alive when I’m creating something. Writing this article is one example. I feel alive when I read a good book or a great poem. I feel alive when I drive to our wildlife refuge at night to just relax and study the stars. I feel alive when I’m stimulated by good conversation, when I laugh spontaneously and heartily. I feel alive when I’m doing yard work and planting in the soil. I feel alive when I interact with nature as I drink from a mountain stream, swim, fish or set up camp. ( I could go on and on!)
As Director at our Senior Center I work with our Activities Director to establish projects and events to keep us all feeling alive. We play games, shoot pool, watch movies, paint, work puzzles, do various crafts and enjoy special entertainment at our meals and special events. We learn new things from special programs on fraud and the elderly, medicare, social security, Alzheimer’s, nutrition and various health issues.
We would love for you to come out and just see what we do. We will share with you our monthly calendar. And yes, we will challenge you to answer the question, “Are you living or just existing?” Our goal is to help you feel very much alive!
Please call us at 272-4969 if you have any questions.

Rhea Gonzales


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