February 26, 2024
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By Carolyn Johnson

Courtesy photo
Presley Newton, Joe Gear, and Terry Kemp performed Friday at our Fish and Chicken Luncheon. A great crowd turned out to enjoy the music and the meal!

I was one of the few who relished the slogan, “fifty is nifty.” I loved being fifty. I thought it was incredibly fun and exciting. I truly believed at that age that most of life’s disappointments were behind me. Then—the inevitable finally arrived—along came sixty. And before I knew it, I was facing sixty-five. Sixty five is an age where you can act either young or old. If you act too young, people say you’re going through your second childhood. If you act too old, they think you’re getting senile and smother you with kindness. It’s a tough balance.
Going into the mid-sixties, I have realized more than ever that attitude makes all the difference in how one lives life. I have also learned that an attitude of gratitude gives me grit and gusto for living. Life is too short to dwell on what I do not have. Instead, I focus on what I do have.
On becoming sixty-five, I will reinforce a belief and practice I have held tenaciously to all my life. I don’t have to be overly concerned about pleasing others. I will also work diligently not to sweat the small stuff and not to waste precious time on hatred, bitterness, and holding grudges.
Another benefit of being sixty-five is having lived long enough to see a full head of gray hair and smile lines. I also go into this season of life with a rich reserve. And I am certainly not referring to my bank account. I am referring to the reservoir and experience I have gained through various jobs and personal situations.
I remember once reading a list of sixty reasons why sixty is better than fifty. Because I am wearing sixty-five, I can’t recall all sixty of them, but I do remember these few:
Personal experience has proven that spending time with loved one is far more rewarding than spending money on them.
At sixty-five, you really have watched a lovelier sun set, and eaten a sweeter peach.
You have learned that lighting someone else’s candle in no way diminishes yours.
At sixty-five, you’ve had a least one experience you wished desperately you’d never had but you wouldn’t trade for anything.
I think remembering four out of sixty is not bad. And I’m sure I remembered the best four out of sixty. I’ve often heard that words are a lot like family and friends; it’s the ones that stick with you that really count.
So I’ll keep remembering the important stuff. I’ll not sweat the small stuff and I’ll wait and see what the rest of life will bring. I’m already setting goals and planning for a great adventure. As for my life, I want the rest to be the best!

Menu: Monday-Friday

MONDAY, June 24 – Spaghetti w/Meatballs, Whole Wheat Roll, Margarine, Seasoned Spinach, Honey Dew Melon

TUESDAY, June 25 – Chicken Teriyaki, Fried Rice, Seasoned Vegetable Blend, Strawberries & Bananas

WEDNESDAY, June 26 – Soft Tacos, Borracho Beans, Green Peas, Spinach Salad, Lo Cal French dressing, Banana

THURSDAY, June 27 – Sloppy Joe on Bun, Country Potato Salad, Carrots & Zucchini, Creamy Fruit Square

FRIDAY, June 28 – Fish or Chicken Strips, Borracho Beans, Green Peas, Tossed Vegetable Salad, Lo Cal French Dressing, Whole Wheat Roll, Tropical Fruit Mix



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