May 28, 2024
  • 4:43 pm Muleshoe celebrates Class of 2024
  • 4:42 pm ‘Anne with an E’ differs from the Anne you always knew
  • 4:42 pm Gail column: Rumbling aside, presidential candidates will once again take the debate stage
  • 4:41 pm Sinkholes, justice and mercy
  • 4:41 pm Beta Sigma Phi ends year with a road trip

Muleshoe Ladies Country Club Association met Wednesday, June the 19th. President Pat Kirk opened the meeting with a prayer of gratitude led by Deborah Noble.
Sandi Chitwood and Janet Claborn hosted the June Luncheon with a delightful meal of Southern Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Cucumber
Sandwiches, Asparagus garnished with eggs and Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing, and Cucumber Salad with Strawberries. For dessert we were served a decadent Strawberry Torte and a Cherry Ice Box Pie. Kay Field, Linda Erdmann and Tammy Black used the Alice in Wonderland Decor. July hostesses will be June Hunt and Tammy Black.
Our only June Birthday was Jana St. Clair.
Reports were given.
Golf Playday Chairperson, Linda announced the May 15th scramble team winners were Tammy, Jeanetta Precure, Treena Matthews, and Christie Whitt. Tammy, Kay and Kim Hunt won the May 22nd scramble. Two teams tied on May the 29th. Team one was Tammy, Linda, Treena, and Christie. Team two was Pat, Deborah, and Kim. On June 1st Pat, Jeanetta, and Linda was the winning scramble team. Jeanetta was our winner on June 12th. The winning Luncheon Scramble Team was Kay, Linda, and Teresa Lingnau.
High Plains Chairperson, Treena reported that we had five participants at the Clovis High Plains Playday, June the 12th. The five participants were Treena, Tammy, Linda, Christie, and Brenna Shipman. Tammy won low puts in the second flight. Treena won low puts in the third flight. Next High Plains Playday will be at the Muleshoe Country Club Wednesday July the 10th.
Starla Ellis drew Janet’s name as our door prize winner.
We had 15 present: Donna Glover, Pat, Tammy, Deborah, Teresa, Brenna, Starla, Marlene Martin, Janet, Jeanetta, Sandi, Kay, Treena, Sherri Shipman and Christie.



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