April 2, 2023
  • 2:33 pm Area youth basketball players prepared for Muleshoe Youth Basketball League All Star Tournament
  • 2:28 pm Buddy Holly Hall to host Buffalo Grass Fest in April
  • 2:27 pm Multiple Mules, Lady Mules finish first at the Littlefield Relays
  • 2:25 pm Bailey County Senior Center: Where all who enter as guests leave as friends
  • 2:24 pm Plains Cotton Growers to host annual meeting March 28


Sudan Graduate, Abel Tinajero, is looking forward to the challenges boot camp holds and becoming a member of the United States Marine Corps.
“One of the main reasons I wanted to join the Marines is because I’m from Mexico and once I graduate boot camp they will grant me citizenship,” he explained. “I have lived here most of my life, so I feel like joining the military – especially with the border being such a hot topic right now – I just want to prove to people that I do belong here.”
Tinajero said that the reason he chose this branch – before he knew about being able to get his citizenship – is because it seemed like one of the toughest branches and helps bring the most out of you.
“That is why I chose the Marines,” he stated.
During his senior year at Sudan High School, Tinajero was a member of the football and tennis teams as well as student council and theater.
He talked about what he expects from boot camp, saying, “I’m expecting it to be very different and very structural. You have to follow everything correctly and you will have to get used to a lot of new people there. A lot of boot camp from what I’ve been told is teamwork. So, I have to learn to work with new people, and I don’t know any of them.”
He explained that After boot camp he plans to be a mechanic, working on the humvee’s, jeeps and possibly some tanks.
Tinajero was recruited by Staff. Sgt. Elliot.
Tinajero explained that at first his parents wanted him to go to college, so for a while they were trying to get him not to go into the military until he graduated from high school.
“Then they realized that I was going, so they started being more supportive,” he said. “I just didn’t really like college that much. I wanted to go to be a mechanic and I felt like if I went through the Marines I could get more benefits and help people while I’m learning instead of just going through college where I’m doing it for just my benefit. In the Marines I can help other people as well.”
Tinajero shipped out to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, Calif. on Monday to begin his quest to become a member of the United States Marine Corps.



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