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Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

MISD school board and staff welcome all Muleshoe students back to school for another great and wonderful learning year. New teachers were back for orientation on Aug. 8 and 9.

First United Methodist Church, including the Rev. and Mrs. Tom Carter, Julie Cage, Alice Liles, Nancy Barrier, Sandy Chitwood, Diane Harrison and numerous others prepared a great fried chicken dinner with all the fixin’s.

Board members Jesus Tovar and Curtis Preston were present with words of encouragement to the teachers. After an uplifting and strengthening prayer by Rev. Carter, the group enjoyed some quality bonding time.

Administrators introduced new staff members to members of First United Methodist Church. Among the numerous door prizes were sprouted ivies in beautiful glass bottles. A special prize of “The Lights of Muleshoe” was provided.

During the Aug. 8 trainings, Dani Heathington and the Muleshoe principals and administrators provided guidance to new staff members about learning, Common Sense Planning, good instruction and technology.

The Muleshoe Board of Trustees met Aug. 5 to appoint Kevin Morris as a school board member to replace Kelly Kettner. Kettner resigned in June, and the board sought candidates for the position.  Kevin Morris will be taking the Oath of Office at the Aug. 19 meeting. More information about Morris will be provided after his formal acceptance of the position. MISD is glad to have Morris as a Muleshoe ISD trustee and thanks the other community members for their interest and for applying for the position.

On Friday, Aug. 9, the Texas Classroom Teachers Association prepared a huge breakfast spread for new teachers and staff. It was a great breakfast and time for people to visit and get to know the new staff. The officers of Muleshoe TCTA are Amberli Johnson, President; April Smith, Vice President; Lora Wallace, Membership Chair; and Angela Reyes, Treasurer. Alice Liles made a presentation discussing the importance of TCTA and encouraging new staff members to join. Dani Heathington led a prayer for good learning and for the Muleshoe staff to have a productive and successful year.

The Muleshoe Journal and Gil Lamb’s Channel 6 interviewed and will have details on the new teachers.

Former high school/junior high nurse Sharon Johnson (center, back) is now the Mules injury coach.

 Sharon Johnson, former high school/junior high nurse is now the Mules injury coach. Johnson was recently honored in College Station, Texas, receiving the Experienced Teacher of the Year at the Texas Health Occupations Association. Congratulations to Johnson, who has been a loyal and enthusiastic employee of Muleshoe Schools for many years. This is a huge honor for Johnson and Muleshoe ISD.

Coach Lee Walker and the Mules are excited about the possibility of a great year. Fifty-five high school students have turned out to play Mules football. Coach Fred Tucker from Roanoke is taking over offensive coordinator duties, and A.J. Villanueva will help with the linemen. To get your reserved seating tickets for an exciting year of Muleshoe Football, call 806-272-7400 and ask Dana Rasco about the tickets. Meet the Mules will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20, in the Muleshoe High Gymnasium. Come and see the great student athletes and tremendous cheerleaders. The Mini-Mule Cheer squads will also perform at Meet the Mules.

Media coverage for the Mules will be Muleshoe Journal, Channel 6 and on KWKA AM 680 FOX Sports this year.

 Dani Heathington, Muleshoe ISD assistant superintendent, has sent about 30 staff member to instructional training this summer. The Common Sense Planning approach to classrooms will be a benefit to help our students grow and become better learners. This is an exciting process and helps students, teachers and administrators grow as the continual task of learning is the priority for all society.

Two new items have been introduced into the Technology Department at MISD. Susan Hinojosa was recently appointed as the new technology director. She has worked in Muleshoe ISD for approximately six years with four years as technology assistant director. Hinojosa wasted no time making some spectacular adjustments to the Muleshoe Technology Program. Just this summer she made two great things happen for the district: 1. Muleshoe High School is a “1 to 1” school with every student being issued a Chromebook for use during the year. This has been helpful to instruction and is also a wonderful learning tool as students face a society filled with technology. 2. Under Hinojosa’s direction, Muleshoe ISD has transitioned from Outlook to Google for the school’s email and organizational communication. This is also a huge bonus as teachers learn about the Google classroom. MISD congratulates Hinjosa on these great successes this summer. Merryl Young will be complementing the Technology Department in her new position as technology assistant.

Also, the Muleshoe ISD School Board has placed $100,000 into a Technology Grant fund. Teachers can apply through the Technology Grant for needed classroom technology. This process allows teachers to seek the technology best for their students and doesn’t force teachers to use specific technology tools.

Muleshoe High School under the direction of Cindy Bessire is pursuing more ways for students to obtain College Dual Credit. As Bessire continues to work through this, the goal is to help students obtain an associate’s degree before leaving Muleshoe. This is an ongoing process and just another way that Muleshoe is attempting to meet students’ needs.

Muleshoe School’s new band director William Shelley is a veteran director. He has already made strong connections with Kenton Hasseloff and other band members as they begin a new year. Shelley comes to Muleshoe from Farwell ISD. MISD welcomes Shelley and his strong convictions to the Mighty “M” Band.

Watson Junior High with Principal Melvin Nusser is continuing to strengthen the Common Sense Planning process with his staff as teachers continue to get better and better at looking at student test data and developing methods to improve the classroom. As the vertical alignment of the curriculum continues, MISD commends the junior high math and English departments on the gains made on student test scores.

Dillman and Deshazo are working together to help many areas of student learning. Letti Tovar and Jennifer Burrus,  Dillman and DeShazo principals respectively, are excited about the new McGraw Hill Reading series being used for reading, language and writing. This new series along with the phonics program will be great tools in helping our students become strong readers. The Dillman and DeShazo staff is committed to this new instructional series to develop each and every child.

Also, Dillman and DeShazo are excited to provide a Spanish enrichment program for our traditionally English students. As our country continues to adjust, it is becoming more important for leading citizens and entrepreneurs to speak two languages. This program was piloted last year and will be in place along with our robotics program. The enrichment programs will be an asset for students.

All teachers started back on Aug. 12, and the Muleshoe ISD Board of Trustees provided and served lunch for all staff members on August 13 in the High School Commons.

This will be a strong year for Muleshoe students as students, teachers, staff and board continue to grow and learn together. MISD welcomes and encourages parents to communicate regularly and freely with their child’s teacher about student learning. When parents and teachers communicate to improve the child’s learning, the child learns more. Remember, good communities build better schools.

Please remember to come to Meet the Mules on Tuesday, Aug. 20.



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