February 27, 2024
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By Carolyn Johnson

In my job, I often receive handbooks or step by step resources on aging and senior health. I read them all and usually learn a little something from each of them. Today, however, I received one that really caught my attention. It was entitled “Longevity Secrets for Super Agers!” and how did they describe a “Super Ager”? –“someone whose memory and cognitive skills at age 85 are as sharp as the average 65 year old.
Their information included four life-long habits that all super-agers tend to share. These four habits are:
Enjoy every day more by filling up your calendar. Super agers tend to engage in a wide variety of activities from attending church, to visiting a museum to making time for hobbies. Making a social connection of any kind is one of the best things you can do for overall physical, cognitive, and emotional health.
Exercise every day for at least 15 minutes. There’s no need to do strenuous aerobics. Super agers take walks, garden, lift light weights, or simply take a few minutes to do gentle stretches, crunches, or jumping jacks while watching a favorite T.V. show. A recent study showed that you only need 15 minutes to exercise a day to slash your risk of developing a host of illnesses including heart disease and dementia.
Shield yourself from stress by sleeping more. Turns out, that super agers are also super sleepers. Can’t clock eight hours of sleep? Just grab a nap when you can. It is a fact that our brains need a lot of beauty sleep to recover from challenges and to stay nimble.
Keep your memory sharp by looking on the bright side. Researcher’s suspect that the reason a positive attitude is such a powerful predictor of longevity and brain health is because it helps keep your blood pressure low, reducing your risk of heart disease and stroke. Plus, simply being more optimistic slashes stress—a top cause of brain aging.
So, are you ready to join the super-ager’s club? Just take a few days and put forth a little effort to add here to these easy life-long habits. Your result should be many happy health years added to your life.

Menu sept. 9-13

MONDAY, September 9 – Braised Beef Brisket, Pinto Beans, Spinach, Tossed Vegetable Salad, Lo Cal French Dressing, Sliced Whole Wheat Bread, Applesauce

TUESDAY, September 10 – Baked Chicken Breast, Au Gratin Potatoes, Peas and Carrots, Waldorf Salad, Cornbread, Sliced Bananas in Orange Juice

WEDNESDAY, September 11 – Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Country Gravy, Stewed Okra, Seasoned Corn, Pumpkin Square

THURSDAY, September 12 – Baked Chicken & Dumplings, Whole Wheat Roll, Margarine, Peas, Tossed Salad w/Dressing, Winter Fruit Cup

FRIDAY, September 13 – Fish or Chicken Strips, Borracho Beans, Green Peas, Tossed Vegetable Salad, Lo Cal French Dressing, Whole Wheat Roll, Tropical Fruit Mix



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