September 21, 2023
  • 8:47 am Panhandle South Plains Fair kicks off this week
  • 8:46 am Muleshoe citizens in for pancakes at the Senior Center
  • 8:46 am An inconvenience or an adventure?
  • 8:45 am Here is the game schedule for the week of Sept. 18-23
  • 8:43 am REVIEW: Murderers haven’t a ghost of a chance against Hercule Poirot

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ are known as the Golden Rule verses in the Bible and certainly what most people would want our communities and world to follow. Due to a misfortune with our travel trailer in two separate incidents, we had the good fortune of meeting two businessmen in Muleshoe who are the epitome of the golden rule: Randy at Hi Plains Irrigation and Mike at Muleshoe Equipment.
The first incident was four years ago on our way to Colorado when we experienced a fire under the trailer and were able to get stopped at Hi Plains Irrigation where Randy literally opened his office and yard for us, made calls, and let us leave the trailer in his fenced yard until it could be fixed the next day. The next incident happened this past July on our way back from Colorado when we lost a wheel on the same trailer as we exited the RV Park in town. Mike of Muleshoe Equipment was ‘Johnny on the spot’ when we contacted him. He had us leave the trailer so he could order in a new axle and fix it. Then two weeks later… He towed the trailer back to us in Kerrville, Texas, close to 400 miles in distance.
We cannot thank these two men enough! They are both humble, unassuming family men who care for others and certainly go above and beyond common courtesy. If the two of them are an example of your people in your community of Muleshoe then you are blessed beyond measure.

Don’t’ ever take what you have there for granted.

Randy and Judy Simmons



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