February 26, 2024
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By Carolyn Johnson

Fitness Fun is now happening at the Senior Citizen’s Center. Put simply, it is exercise that exerts your body beyond the point reached in normal daily activities. Sometimes we forget the simplicity of the definition. We get so caught up with shoes, gyms, programs, stop watches, science, clothing, and fads with funny names like “yogalites” and “super power set” that we give up on the whole idea of exercise.
As being a caregiver for my husband for many years, I had the opportunity to see the benefit of exercise as he struggled with congestive heart failure and Stage Four Cancer. We had therapist to come in and work with him on a daily basis. I was always amazed at its benefits and couldn’t overlook the obvious—exercise makes you stronger. I learned, too, that endurance exercise provides the best defense against most chronic diseases.
After working several months at our Muleshoe Senior Citizens Center, I have noticed individuals struggling with the ability to walk, maintain their balance, and keep their strength up. Various classes such as Tai Chai, Sit to be Fit, Yoga, and a Matter of Balance were put into place. They all helped but I didn’t see the improvement that I had hoped to see.
It was then that I started looking for someone who would provide personal training for our participants. I didn’t want them to go it alone. They needed someone who could share with them the activity that was best for their personality, and goals; someone to help them get started and motivate themselves.
Then along came Rashad Kirven. He is knowledgeable about exercise, nutrition, and living a healthy lifestyle. He’s a young man who loves coaching kids. He’s been a coach of basketball, little league baseball, and football. He sees his working with youth as a ministry—as a way to instill the word of God into their lives.
But, I was looking for someone to “coach” the elderly. I questioned, “Could Rashad work as effectively with our seniors as he does with the youth?” Because I’m limited on space, the answer to that question will be in next week’s paper. Don’t miss it!
In the meantime—if you are interested in learning about more about this new class—come any Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 9:00 a.m. You are welcome to join in or just observe. You might just decide to reclaim your body. It’s never too late!



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