September 20, 2020
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  • 4:44 pm 2 kids, bus driver hurt after crash
  • 4:41 pm MHS students can earn up to an associate’s degree
  • 4:41 pm Letter to the Editor
  • 4:40 pm Great workers equal great results

Muleshoe Art Association met Tuesday, September 10, at the Muleshoe Training Center in downtown Muleshoe.
President Ann Johnson opened the meeting and introduced Association member Neal Kleman, retired art teacher from Sudan, who led members and guests through an art lesson using geometric shapes as an aid to creating images. Neal said she likes to get people out of their fear of drawing by showing them not so much how to draw but how to look at an object to draw it. She then went on to show us how to use basic geometric, particularly an ellipse, to draw some basic objects and even the basic shape of people that would then be ready for details.
After the art lesson, members and guests enjoyed refreshments of fresh fruit, guacamole dip, chips, Kristen’s whipped fruit compote, gingersnaps, and water provided by Ann Johnson and Sandi Chitwood.
Ann then conducted the business meeting, beginning with the reading of the minutes from the last meeting by Alice Liles, the treasurer’s report by Martha Hunnicutt, and the drawing for the door prize, won by Melba Bratcher.
New business included discussion continuing to meet in the Depot, the art program led by Association members at the Senior Center, participation in the Muleshoe Merry Market in November, and an update on artwork displayed by members at the hospital. Ann thanked the city of Muleshoe for allowing us to use the Training Center for this meeting. She also thanked the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation for the continued use of the Santa Fe Depot for our monthly meetings and mentioned the upcoming Foundation board meeting and encouraged members to attend. Election of officers for the coming year was also brought up and will be held at the next meeting.
The motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting, and it passed. The next meeting will be at 2:00 October 1st at the Santa Fe Depot. Shirley White is in charge of the program which will focus on composition and the making of frames. Guests and prospective members are invited to attend.
Fourteen members were present for the meeting. Guests included Carolyn Johnson, Janis Morrison, Royce and Sandy Turner, Marshall and Helen Cook, Pat Burns from Portales, and Alba Jones from Sudan.



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