July 9, 2020
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Muleshoe Ladies Country Club Association met Oct. 16. Pat Kirk called the meeting to order with a prayer of gratitude.
Brenna Shipman and Kim Hunt served a decadent Italian Tortellini Soup, Garlic Bread Sticks with a fresh Garden Salad. For dessert we feasted on fruit with cream cheese dip and delicious pumpkin bread. The dining room was decorated with a black and orange Halloween motif.The officers will host our January meeting.
Our October birthdays were Treena Matthews the 19th and Kim the 9th. Being as we do not have meetings in November.or December we celebrated Tammy Black’s birthday on November 22nd and Janet Claborn’s birthday December the 26th.
Reports given.
Linda Erdmann, Golf Playday Chair honored Pat Kirk for winning low putts on September 25th and October 9th.Pat also won the yearly Birdie Award for having the most birdies for the year. Christie Whitt won the Chipie Award for the most chip ins for the year. Team Tammy, Treena, and Jeanetta Precure won the Crazy Halloween Golf Scramble. Our best witch award went to Kim.
Helen Templeton, Card Playday Chair, announced September 21st card winners were Jeanetta,Tammy and Starla Ellis. The most Patt Hands award went to Treena who won with the score of 10 Patt Hands.
High Plains Tournament Chair, Treena reported that the End of Year playday was held October 9th at the Farwell Country Club.
We had 3 participants; Tammy, Christie and Brenna. Tammy was honored for making the most points for our Association.
Upcoming events will be our Christmas Party which will be held on December the 4th at noon.
Door prize was attended by Marlene Martin. Donna Glover drew and Helen won.
We had 19 members present Starla, Teresa Langnau, Kim, Brenna, Sandi Chitwood, Marlene, Helen, Janet, Jeanetta, Treena, June Hunt, Linda, Kay Field, Deborah Noble, Tammy, Pat, Christie, Donna, and Jana St. Clair.

Courtesy photos

Left: Kim Hunt and Brenna Shipman were the hostesses for the october luncheon


Back row: Christie Whitt, Jeanetta Precure, Tammy Black, Kim Hunt, Kay Field, and Treena Matthews
Front row: Pat Kirk, Linda Erdmann and Deborah Noble



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