September 30, 2022
  • 5:25 pm Roger Maris leaves behind a record without an asterisk
  • 5:24 pm Texas gubernatorial debate to be televised across Nexstar stations
  • 5:23 pm Muleshoe Journal/Plainview Herald South Plains Stats Leaders through week five
  • 5:22 pm Fair booth with local ties hopes for continued community support
  • 5:19 pm One Guy From Italy doing Pizza Roulette for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

By Gail M. Williams
Muleshoe Journal Correspondent

Courtesy Photo: Mulehoe High School students were recently certified in the Texas Cattle Feeders Association’s Feedyard Technician Program in Machinery Operation, Safety and Repair. Left to right: Jose Campos-Bravo, Manuel Fernandez, Luis Lopez-Mata, Arturo Benavides, Benito Andrade, Estevan Lozano and Aaron Venzor

Seven members of the Ag Mechanics and Welding class were recently certified in the Texas Cattle Feeder’s Association’s Feedyard Technician in Machinery Operation, Safety and Repair.
The trip to Cactus Feeders in Hale Center was one of three field trips students in the Ag Mechanics and Welding Course take each year.
The first trip was to Warren Caterpillar in Lubbock.
“They get to drive equipment there, such as front end loaders and skid loaders,” said Brandon Thomason, vocational agriculture instructor.
The second trip was to the feedyard, where the students learned about feed mills and cattle operations. They also took a hands-on welding and safety test.
The third trip will be to West Texas A&M University, where they will take a written test and have an interview with a person in the industry.
Thomason said the field trips give students a chance to learn things outside of the course curriculum and high school classes.
“The school has been doing it for several years,” Thomason said. “I think it makes the students more career ready and



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