September 23, 2020
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By Carolyn Johnson

It’s the New Year! What better way to start it off than choosing the Bailey County Senior Citizen’s Center for socializing, exercising, or just sitting and visiting. In the year 2019, our average daily attendance has gone from 59 at the beginning of the year to 82 at present. We would love to have a continued increase in the year 2020. Below is our mission statement. We encourage you to stop by our Center any time. We would love to show you our facility and what we have to offer! Our Mission: It is our belief that every person deserves to age well. The Bailey County Center is a non-profit facility. Our mission is to create and/or improve the well-being of our senior population in the areas of physical, mental, and spiritual health. By daily providing social and behavioral support, we cancel out loneliness and isolation and enhance the well-being of the senior participants in our community. Sponsor of the Week- All Star Detail Johnny Moreno Meet our Sponsor of the Week- Johnny Moreno. I had the privilege of meeting him for the first time this past weekend and what a privilege it was! Johnny Moreno is the owner of All Star Detail- an automobile detail service that he began in 2016 after leaving a very secure but mundane job as a food inspector for the USDA. At the USDA, Johnny was enjoying his work. But, we wanted more. There, he was paying the price for success but what he really wanted was a career where he could enjoy the price of success. Johnny took a good look at himself, at what he was doing in Muleshoe, at the opportunities in the free enterprise system, and he stepped away from his comfortable job at the USDA and went out on his own to open a most successful detail business. His passion and discipline for his work is the secret to his success. Johnny admits that he has learned the art of detailing the hard way- simply by experience. After seeing a need for a detailing business here in Muleshoe, he began reading, studying, and then experimenting by working on his own cars and his family’s cars. He learned every detail he could about detailing business- steam cleaning, waxing, polishing, protecting, etc. He told me that his detailing is different and totally separate from a car wash. He has become quite knowledgeable about chemicals and products and proper methods of preserving and protecting a vehicle. A big plus of Johnny’s business is that you don’t have to leave your vehicle at some location to be picked up later. He prefers to come to your home or place of business and do the work there. Johnny works on all vehicles; cars, pick-ups, jeeps, motorcycles, etc. Royce Turner recently had Johnny detail three of his vehicles- one being the 10 year old Kawasaki mule that he and Sandy enjoy riding in. Afterwards, Royce parked the mule out front, knowing he would be riding in it soon. He was surprised when six different people stopped by bragging on his new mule and wanting to buy his old one if he still had it. Quite a story that shows the quality of work Johnny does! Bruce Crabtree also shared his experience when Johnny detailed his motorcycle before he took it out on a tour. He said everyone who saw his ride commented on how great it looked. Crabtree said, “He’s the best detail man in the country. He literally ‘knocked it out of the park’ on my motorcycle.” During our interview this past weekend, Johnny stressed that he wanted his business to be a Kingdom- based business. He said, “If it was not for God, I wouldn’t be in Muleshoe doing what I love.” And he gives back to God what he can because of his beliefs. He is an active member of the River of Hope Church here in Muleshoe. Johnny came to Muleshoe from the Fresno, California area as a teenager. His parents are Raul and Rosa Moreno who live here also. He graduated from Muleshoe High School and attended Clovis Community College and South Plains College. How delightful to visit with someone like him whose passion for his work comes through with his emphasis on commitment, excitement, and personal discipline. His positive life attitude can be seen in his personal, family and business life. Johnny can honestly say now that he is enjoying the price of success! How grateful we are to have this young man as our Sponsor of the Week!



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