April 16, 2021
  • 8:27 pm 1 dead, 1 injured in crash near Farwell
  • 3:49 pm Muleshoe band director on administrative leave after allegations of misconduct with a student
  • 7:33 pm Several injuries reported after bus crash in Bailey County
  • 10:21 am Obituary: Ricky Dale Rasco
  • 5:13 pm Obituary: Benjamin Nelson Brock

By Gail M. Williams Muleshoe Journal Correspondent Eighty-eight Muleshoe citizens gathered to hear Allen West speak on Tuesday, Jan. 7. A retired Army lieutenant colonel, West is a candidate for state chairman of the Texas Republican Party. He previously served as a U.S. Congressman representing Florida’s 22nd District. In opening remarks, Carroll Precure, chairman of the Bailey County Republican Party said that judging by election results in 2019, Texas is not safe from the other parties. He said with the help of rural Texas, Senator Ted Cruz won by only 250,000 votes. One-third of the votes were from West Texas. “West Texas saved Texas from going blue,” Precure said. West compared recent gains and actions by the Democratic Party to the sound of guns. “When the guns sound, the military stands up and moves to the sound of the guns,” he said. “The guns are sounding here in Texas.” West cited examples, such as Hillary Clinton’s statement that Democrats would flip the Texas state house, and Julián Castro, recent Democratic presidential candidate, throwing his support to Elizabeth Warren upon bowing out of the race and Elizabeth Warren, placing commercial ads in Texas. West said that if you look at an electoral map breakdown by county in 2016, many states show as red (Republican) all over, except for urban districts, which show blue (Democratic). He mentioned Portland and Eugene, Oregon; King County (Seattle), Washington; Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; Tucson, Arizona; Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 2019, he added, Virginia was red except for Fairfax. In 2018, he said, Democrat Stacey Abrams never left the Fulton county area where Atlanta is located to run for governor. Abrams was defeated by Republican Brian Kemp by just under 55,000 votes, according to online sources. “The guns are sounding right here in this state,” West said, adding that if Republicans lose the state of Texas, they lose the opportunity to redraw the district maps. West asked for a show of hands from those who were born-again Christians, then said, “National statistics say that out of all of you that raised your hand, only 24 percent of you are going to vote.” He added that in the Dallas mayoral election, only 8 percent of voters cast a ballot. He tied those statistics to the crime rate creeping up and to the failures of the Dallas City Council. In particular, he pointed to the Dallas City Council that voted unanimously to introduce a new sex education course for 3rd to 8th graders. “If you’ve seen it, it’s pornographic,” West said. “It includes pictures. It’s teaching our kids not to have anal sex. Now that’s happening in Texas.” West urged Republicans to stand together, saying he admired the Democrats who go on the Sunday morning talk show circuit and all say the exact same things. “We need to be educated and informed as voters, to make sure we’re all on one side,” he said. “Nobody wins with a circular firing squad, unless the guy opposing a person can’t shoot straight.” West said at the close of a decade and the beginning of a new decade, we need to remind folks of what happened in last decade. He referred to Venezuela, saying that it was for a time the most prosperous nation in this hemisphere, a country with more oil and gas than even Saudi Arabia. However, West continued, in Venezuela, Hugo Chávez banned private gun ownership, which allowed armed gangs to go around Venezuela, the military to run over people, and left the oil industry starving and dying. “If you don’t think the exact same thing can’t happen here in USA, it can happen,” he said. West pointed out that a February 2009 Newsweek magazine cover said “We’re All Socialists Now.” He said that our children and grandchildren think everything should be given to them free, that students coming home from college and tell their parents that their professor knows more and better than they do. “What has changed in our homes?” he asked. “We don’t understand that we have to be the adults now. West said the very first in article in the Bill of Rights ensures freedom of religion, but that the left is doing everything they can to remove God from the marketplace, to define where you can worship. He said that God is not 65 different genders, and you can chose which one you like. He said that fires in Australia are manmade — because of arson — but that it has nothing to do with climate change. He said the Preamble to the Constitution guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but the left says we will redefine what happiness is. “This is an ideological battle, an ideological war that we’re in,” he said. “If we lose it in Texas, we lose it for America.” Referring to the percentage of voters who decided the mid-term election results, West said, “Thirty percent ain’t good enough. If a soldier gives only 30 percent on the battlefield, he’s going to get somebody else killed.” “We gotta push back on the I-35 corridor and tell ’em that you’re not gonna come in this house.” West concluded his presentation by saying that if God is for you, no one can be against you. “It’s time for you to put on the full armor of God,” he said, drawing an amen from the group. He quoted Isaiah 54:17, saying, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Every town that rises against you in judgment, you shall defend. That’s why 56 men can sign their names to a document called the Declaration of Independence. That’s why they could pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. That’s why 185 men can stand there for 13 days on the ramparts of the Alamo. That’s why we can sit here today. And we only want to give 30 percent? They gave 110 percent. What more can we do? We can honor that commitment and legacy.” After concluding his speech, West answered questions. The first was “Why did you move to Texas?” West quipped that like all good Southern boys, he came here to fight for liberty. He added that his last duty assignment in the U.S. military was on the border of Texas. After years of moving from place to place, West and his wife settled in Florida. “Five years ago, I got the opportunity to come back to Texas to be part of a public policy organization, and I said yes, and so here we are, and I ain’t leavin’,” he said. West also addressed the killing of Qasem Suleimani in Baghdad, saying that Democrats are digging themselves into a horrible hole by siding with Iranian terrorists instead of the United States of America. He detailed some of Suleimani’s crimes, such as developing IEDs that caused the deaths of United States soldiers. West outlined the task ahead of Republicans, comparing it to a football team that gains yardage incrementally rather than with a big touchdown play. He asked whether there was a black or Hispanic church in Bailey County, and reminisced about his youth when, each month, church congregations would gather, eat and visit together. “That’s how you make a difference,” he said. “I use myself as an example. Be a victor, not a victim.”



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