September 21, 2023
  • 8:47 am Panhandle South Plains Fair kicks off this week
  • 8:46 am Muleshoe citizens in for pancakes at the Senior Center
  • 8:46 am An inconvenience or an adventure?
  • 8:45 am Here is the game schedule for the week of Sept. 18-23
  • 8:43 am REVIEW: Murderers haven’t a ghost of a chance against Hercule Poirot

Zeta Rho chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met in the home of Cindy Barrett on January 7th for their monthly meeting. Cindy and co-hostess Martha Hunnicutt served a meal of green salad, beef Bourgogne, mashed red potatoes, and rolls with chocolate peanut patties and strawberry banana pudding for dessert. President Pat Angeley led members in the opening ritual and called the meeting to order. Secretary Vicki Black called roll and read the minutes from the September, October, and December meetings. No meeting was held in November, so no minutes were needed. Treasurer Pat Young gave the treasurer’s report, and a discussion of future programs followed, as well as discussion of worthwhile projects to support with donations in the future. The meeting was adjourned with the closing ritual and mizpah. Members had been asked to write down a New Year’s resolution they may have made, but not sign it. Then the notes were put in a bowl and one was drawn by each member who then read the resolution and all members tried to guess who might have made it. Interesting and fun discussion followed the revealing of who made each resolution. Members present for the evening included Pat Angeley, Cindy Barrett, Vicki Black, Donna Glover, Martha Hunnicutt, Melba King, Alice Liles, Cindy Purdy, Sherri Shipman, Sheila Stevenson, Rickie Warren, Pat Young.



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