February 23, 2024
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Sponsor of the Week- Bailey County Farm Bureau Diana Gardea-Gandara

I’m please to introduce Diana Gardea-Gandara- our Sponsor of the Week. I have had the privilege of knowing Diana a short time through participation in the Inspirational Business Women’s Network. She actually was the individual who started this network here in Muleshoe May 2019. It meets once a month and as the title implies- it is most inspirational. She had a very close friend who started such a network in Dalhart and she was so impressed with it- she started her own here in Muleshoe. The meetings are held at our Bailey County Senior Center. The meeting starts with a dinner that Diana prepares herself. After the meal, a program is given to lift each other up, whether the need is business, or home with children, or elderly parents. All women are welcome. Diana’s goal is to help women succeed in their personal or business relations. Diana told me this was her way of giving back to her community. Diana is a leader who uplifts others and gets real enjoyment watching her colleagues grow and prosper.
Diana grew up in Muleshoe. She attended school here all 12 years. She is married to Alonso Gandara, who is a farmer in Melrose, New Mexico. She and her husband are active members at the First Methodist Church in Melrose. Diana is the youngest of six children in her family. She has three brothers and two sisters. Her parents are Luis and Albesa Gardea who have lived in Muleshoe over 50 years.
She has been an agent for the Farm Bureau Insurance Agency here in Muleshoe going on six years. She sells all types of insurance but she especially enjoys providing life insurance to those in need.
I had the opportunity to speak to Diana’s very best friend, Christ Shirley from New Braunfels. He told me that Diana always makes everyone feel best about themselves. He said that anytime he has experienced some tragedy or life-altering event- she was the first person to help him. He told me, “I always feel welcome in her home and she always has a seat at her table.”
Diana’s hobby is cooking and baking. She always takes days to prepare Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner every year for her family. Everyone who knows her, comments on the great food she prepares.
Carla Estrada, Diana’s secretary told me that the best way she could describe Diana was hardworking and a go-getter. “She is so approachable and so generous. I thoroughly enjoy working for her,” she added.
She is not only a remarkable agent at Farm Bureau, she is a remarkable individual. She is a lady of courage, determination, and humility. And Diana is great at taking a “negative” and turning it into a “positive”. What impresses me most is her inner strength.
But the one thing that I have noticed about Diana that stands out to me is that when she says she is going to do something- she does it. Nothing is worth more in a business than that. We appreciate you, Diana, and we thank you for being our Sponsor of the Week.



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