February 28, 2020
  • 12:35 pm Technology, training help police communicate, serve the public
  • 1:46 pm Portales, New Mexico Auction
  • 1:41 pm Muleshoe City Council Approves Contract with Leading|EDG
  • 1:37 pm BCEC Scholarship
  • 4:40 pm Green grapes bring back memories

To date, we have had 15 Sponsors of the Week, which have brought in a total of $9,000 in the last three months. Our goal is to have our facility self-sufficient by continuing to place those funds in trusts and endowments in the next few years.
So, today we are announcing that you, our members, are our Sponsor of the Week. We are using this week to tell you about this program and give anyone interested in participating the opportunity to do so before we start opening it up to the local businesses. Several of you have had the questions and we hope we can answer those in this brochure.
What benefits does the Sponsor receive?
Every day for a week, Sponsor will be recognized during the lunch hour at our center.
Sponsor’s name on sign outside of the Center every day for a week (7 days)
Sponsor’s name on inside of the Center every day for a week (7 days)
Sponsor will receive picture with script in “Keeping Up with Our Seniors” section of the Muleshoe Journal for the week.
Sponsor will receive pictures and script about themselves or business on Channel 6 website for a week. The same content will be available for a week on their YouTube, Twitter feed, and Facebook. The same will be available in a constant loop at the Senior Center, residents of the nursing home, and Elliot Senior Citizen’s Complex. All of these add up to thousands of views every day.
Sponsor will be on the first section of a new weekly brochure. Sponsor will be given brochures to be sent to others. The Center’s Mission Statement, activities, menus, donors, and other important information will be included in each week’s brochure.
What is the cost to the Sponsor?
$600, which can be paid all at once annually or in payments of $50 per month. We are aware that $600 is not easy to give for individuals as for a business. Therefore, if two individuals would like to go together, we could go with two sponsors each week; sharing the cost at $300 up front or $25 per month.
We know all of you want to see our Center continue. We are so thankful to all of you who volunteer your time and to all of you who have already helped financially. But if you can help in this way- we would truly be appreciative and we would know that our Center will survive and continue.
Please contact Royce, Carolyn, or Kaci if you are interested in being a sponsor.

Update on Memorials

We salute you our members for being Sponsors of the Week. Since we have started our Sponsor of the Week program, we have seen an increase in our donations and a huge increase in memorials given to our Center.
Total memorials for 2019 (365 days) was $4,330.00
Total Memorials for 2020- (which is only 30 days) is now at $2,845.00. In one month, we are over half of where we were for the entire year of 2019.



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