February 23, 2024
  • 5:10 pm SEASON PREVIEW: Muleshoe baseball and softball aiming to put itself on the map in 2024
  • 5:09 pm City Council orders City General Election, Special Election
  • 5:09 pm Driftwood and eyes that see
  • 5:08 pm The mayor of Needmore
  • 5:05 pm A class act is what she is

Our Sponsor of the Week is Darwin “Mac” McLeod. I’d like to say up front that writing his story was most enjoyable. Maybe that’s because Mac is and always will be Mac. Mac is the kind of individual that you just know has always lived well, laughed often, and loved much. He gives the best he’s had and looks for the best in others. He is intelligent, funny, and never tires of talking.
His life is a story and a quest that began in the small town of Florence, Texas where he was born. He was one of seven siblings born to William McLeod and Ada Mae Williams. At the age of 3, he and the entire McLeod family moved to West Texas. At the age of 6, Mac enrolled in the Lazbuddie school and stayed there until moving to Springlake his freshman year. He stayed there until his junior year after basketball season. The family moved to Texico. It was there that Mac graduated from high school. Mac told me that he never really planned his life. “The good Lord just put me in the right place at the right time,” he said.
After high school, Mac joined the Navy. After serving 4 years in the Navy, Mac returned to his family, who had now moved to Cisco, and enrolled in Cisco Junior College. While at college, he found out that his roommate had cousins working in the Alaskan oil fields. The cousins shared with Mac the beauty of Alaska as well as the great salaries they were paid there to work. Needless to say, the two roommates made a decision to leave college behind and go explore the money and beauty found only in Alaska.
Upon arrival, both found jobs on the big oil rigs there and began raking in the money. They got involved with some rig hands there who also owned a commercial fishing boat. They learned from these hands that in Alaska workers had summer wages and winter wages. In both seasons, they worked on the rigs and they fished. Mac loved fishing to he and his buddy jumped at the opportunity to work on the boats.
Mac didn’t see this as work at all. Fishing was a pleasure to him. And since God was smart enough to put him in Alaska, he should be smart enough to do what he loved most. So, Mac saved his money and in two years, he bought his own fishing boat. He hired a commercial fisherman to run the boat for him. Mac then fished on his own boat as a deckhand for 2 years until he got enough money to het his own commercial license. Mac was totally happy. He loved the commercial fishing. He loved being the captain of the boat. He loved the money. And he loved being in Alaska.
Every man is said to have his peculiar ambition. Mac was no exception. After conquering the rigs and the fishing boats, Mac took a liking to the dog sled races. His dream was to race in the top 2: the Iditarod, which was 1,120 miles and the Yukon Quest, which was 1,021 miles.
Like the fishing boats and oil rigs, he started asking questions, observing, and saving his money. Soon he had a full team for mushing. He raced a lot and he reached his goal of racing in those top two races. He came in 7th place in the Yukon Quest. A total of 34 sleds were entered. He placed #22 out of 84 in the Iditarod.
Mac has five granddaughters- ages 14 to 25. He has a passion for restoring old classic cars and trucks. One of his sisters, Pat Kirk is in Muleshoe and he enjoys living close to her. But he says at times he stills wants to be back in Alaska. Nothing compares to its beauty and he has a longing to do it again.
Until then, he works to cultivate a cloak of ordinaries here in Muleshoe. But he is anything but ordinary; I would go so far as to say Darwin “Mac” McLeod is utterly unique!
Thank you Mac for sharing your story and your financial support for our Sponsor of the Week program.
This week’s second Sponsor of the Week is a lady who has proven to be balanced. She is confident, bold, accepting, and kind. She is a tireless worker and is the mother of 7, the grandmother of 16 and the great-grandmother of 20. She says with this large of a family, she has to be bold and balanced. Lucy was born into a family of 13 siblings. She was born #7, right in the middle of her 12 brothers and sisters. She was born in the city of Las Vegas, New Mexico. They were raised on a farm and all of the children played a role in working the farm as they grew older. At age 16, she married George Bachicha and moved to Morton, Texas. They lived in Morton for two years and then moved to Needmore, Texas where they raised their seven children. Their four girls, and three boys all attended Sudan schools until 1975 and they moved to the Muleshoe area. To date, 10 of her 12 siblings and all 7 children are still living.
After moving to Muleshoe, Lucy worked in a sewing factory here in town. For approximately three years, she worked at Leal’s and Allsups. She also worked as a dietary aid at the Muleshoe Hospital for eight years. When her parents were aging and having health problems, she moved to Albuquerque to stay with them. After the last one passed away in 2006, she moved back to Muleshoe.
Shortly after returning, she suffered a light stroke. It was at that point in her life that she retired and started coming to the Muleshoe Senior Center. She became very involved in the Center and enjoyed the fellowship and daily activities here. In 2018, she became a member of our board of directors. She certainly adds value to our board. She and I share a common interest which is “Get the job done!”
Lucy tells me that the Senior Center is her second home. She loves coming here every day. Lucy works tirelessly at our events. She is especially gifted with her sales ability. She is always one of the first persons we mention when a raffle is being planned.
Lucy is also very active at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. She loves to cook and bake. She not only uses her cooking skills to share with her friends, she also uses it to help out with funeral meals or even fundraisers at the church.
Besides doing lots of baking for her family and friends, Lucy also loves to sew. She also loves outdoors and gardening. Lucy spends most of the summer days outside in her garden. She loves the pretty flowers, but she also enjoys her vegetable garden. Her favorites are tomatoes, chili peppers and asparagus.
And how do I describe Lucy? As the down to earth West Texas gal who was always willing to help me when I first came to this job. She has a great sense of humor and an uncommon willingness to hear her heart. She is good, decent, generous—just a very likeable woman. She’s had her setbacks and hard times, but has remained true to herself, her friends, and her devoted family. After all, that is what really matters and that is what sustains her today!



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